Written by kev

20 Mar 2006

I thought I couldn't keep you all in suspense. Now Lisa, Dan and I had just finished a good session I had sucked Dan off gone down on Lisa and had Dan wanking and slapping my arse cuming on it and pushing his cum in me with his fingers. Anyway we were laid on the bed very much out of breath with Lisa in the middle I was gently stroking her inner thigh and Dan was stroking her hair. The doorbell rang and Lisa got up and put a dressing gown and went down stairs (I was hoping for another playmate to be honest). Dan leaned over and began play with my cock slowly wanking me, I was hard straight away I opened my legs and got between them and started to suck me, hold my balls then pushed a finger in my ass then two and finger fucked hard. Then we heard "well boys started without me I see" Lisa was standing in the doorway with nothing but hold ups on. Apparently it was next door just dropping something off. Lisa got on the bed and whispered "he likes your ass" (I was liking what he was doing to it), then she started to suck my nipples as I ran my hand up her inner thigh finding her hot wet pussy then playing with her clit, she then moved her my hand away and put two fingers in herself and then told me lick them and said "now fuck me". I told her get on all fours, she and Dan moved away and she wanked him hard. I went down and licked her hot wet pussy it tasted great then moved to her ass and ran my tongue around her hole she went wild, Dan got in front of her and she began to suck him. Then I had great idea I removed one of her hold ups and ran it up and down her pussy arse then pulled her hands behind her back and tied them with her hold up and she said "you boys have got me now". I got up and put my hard cock in her hot pussy and boy it was hot and fucked her slow at first then long hard deep thrusts. I could hear moaning with Dan’s cock in her mouth then Dan leant forward and part her arse cheeks. I pulled out of her and entered her arse she screamed out and Dan got up stood over her in front of me and I sucked him hard and deep this incredible Lisa was pushing back on my cock and Dan was fucking my mouth. Lisa then said it was my turn to be fucked in the ass, so we untied her and I got on a fours. Lisa said the its my turn be tied up so again the hold up was used. Lisa laid in front of just far away so could lick her and she played with herself, then I felt Dans cock pushing against me when he was in fucked hard. Lisa "saying fuck him harder" Dan slapping my arse I was loving it the slapping hurt more than the hard fucking I was getting but I wasn't complaining I was getting what I wanted and as teasing bonus I could smell Lisa's sweet pussy. After about five or ten Dan stopped and laid down he told Lisa to sit on his face she did he lifted his legs and she held his ankles and said "fuck my husband" I got up slowly entered him and began to fuck him with same trust I had given Lisa (I didn't want cum to fast) as fucking him Lisa was silently mouth the words fuck him fuck him rolling her eyes and screaming as Dan made her cum. Lisa opened her eyes and want both your cum finish with Dan with a mad minute of fucking him hard and pulled of and she changed ends and rode Dans cock hard I stood in front of her and she took my cock and wanked me hard and I came over her beautiful tits and some on Dan soon after Dan came and Lisa fell back on the bed and said " need a shower or you boys can clean me up" no arguments from us Dan licked my come off her tits and sucked and licked his from her pussy. we fell asleep for and hour when we woke we showered chatted and I went home my body was tingling for the rest of the day (I'm hard now writing it). I got a call from Lisa they are going away and want meet up when we they get back for dressing up and role playing give ideas guys and dolls and let me know what you all thoughts on this adventure I'll write if there more stories no names given (that was a hint by the way).