Written by JackFlash

19 Mar 2006

About 3 months ago, just before Xmas, I was sitting on a sofa, trousers and underpants down to my knees and enjoying a very pleasant wank by the woman from 2 doors away when she *really* got my attention by saying,

"What would you say to an orgy with 4 women at once?"

"I'd say yes please," said I, "but I somehow doubt I'd have the staying power for 4!"

"You wouldn't have to shag them all," she explained, "just give them a bit of a thrill - extra excitement, so to speak."

She then went on to outline what was going on.

She had 3 very good friends at work to whom she'd confided she had a 'fancy man'. They'd all been suitably impressed and, to varying degrees, slightly envious. They were all long time married and fairly bored, sex wise.

It briefly crossed my mind that she was proposing to pimp me to them, one at a time, but she quickly went on to fill me in on the details of her cunning plan. It fairly speeded up my orgasm and soon her clever hand was pumping my spunk into the rather saucy pair of panties she had wrapped around my cock as an eroticism aid.

And so, early in the New Year found my lady friend and I booking in to a Motorway hotel about 10 miles from home.

After a minute or so of snogging, tit groping and fanny fingering, my paramour quickly reminded me of my mission and, somewhat hesitantly, I permitted myself to be stripped, spread-eagled face up on the bed and have my wrists and ankles tied to the bedframe with decrorative curtain cords. I was then blindfold and with no more delay heard her bleeping the keys on her mobile as she made the call to her friends who were waiting outside.

Very shortly there was a tap on the door and I heard my squeeze opening it and the rustle of people entering the room.

For a moment there was silence and then Margaret (my mistress) said "Well, there he is girls, all ours!"

That broke the ice and a lot of giggling and oohs and aahs filled the air.

At that moment I discovered I must have an exhibitionist streak in me because suddenly the notion that there were 3 unknown women looking at my nudity had a profound effect on me and my cock very quickly rose to the occassion. Margaret later told me she had been highly chuffed at my hard-on greeting of her friends.

"C'mon girls", I heard Marg say, "lets get at him".

And straight off, I felt a hand on my prick. I was pretty sure it was Marg, but soon I felt a second, then another fondling my balls and then a mouth on mine and straight into tongue wrestling.

"OK", (from Marg), "I'll start".

Start what, I had no idea, but I soon found out! Unmistakeably, I felt knees straddle my head and the unmistakeable waft of Marg's perfume as a fanny was pushed down onto my face. I didn't need any prompting, my tongue was out and betwixt her lips as I set to sucking her quim.

My tongue fuck didn't last long as Marg was keen to get all her friends involved, so she got off me and urged another to take her place. Again a puss squashed down onto my very willing face and fresh love juice got sucked into my mouth and thoroughly relished!

One after the other all the women climbed on and had a good muffing, then a new voice said "Don't know about you others, but I want some of that". I fairly quickly I discovered "that" was my dick, as once more a body straddled me, this time at groin level, and a hand took my throbbing cock and eased it into a wonderfully tight fanny. Both my hands were untied then grabbed and I felt the holders urging my palms against their crotches. All knickers were off by this time and I then entered heaven. My cock up a stranger's quim and both middle fingers up two others!

"Don't make him cum yet", said yet another voice, "we all want some". So saying my rider was dismounted and a fanny was withdrawn form my left finger and I felt its owner postioning, then lowering, onto my prick.

She bucked away for a very short while, then the third took her turn.

It was all too much for me. "I'm gonna cum!" I spluttered. "Ooo, yes please", and with that I let fly and pumped the white stuff into her in copious quantities.

The first flush over, I was then led to the other twin bed in the room and made to kneel between the knees of my first service recipient. My face was pushed into the target area and I was required to lick, kiss, suck and finger the lady to orgasm. This took some minutes, which, naturally, I found thoroughly pleasant, before some whimpering and shuddering told me "job done". No rest for the wicked, however, and a new tongue hungry cunt was pressed to my face and she, too, got a good tongue bath and finger fuck.

She was a much more voluble fucker with lots of "OH YES!", "THAT'S MARVELLOUS", "MORE!" and such like until she grabbed the back of my head and rammed her twat hard against my face with a very loud "Y-E-E-S-S" as she got her oats.

Number three was another quiet one and it took me what seemed like ages to bring her off. But get her there I did.

Needing some relief, a glass of plonk was pushed into my hand (I still wasn't allowed to remove the blindfold) and I took a minute or two to quaff it.

"Right", came Marg's voice, "let's see if he's up for some more - we'll have a wine tasting!"

So saying I felt my cock grasped and gently wanked until I knew it was almost at full stretch again and felt a strange

sensation at my knobend which, (I finally twigged) was my dick being dipped into a glass of Cotes de Rhone. Next a mouth, which I imagined was heavily lipsticked, closed on my prick and slurped off the vino. This game went on until all the players had at least two tastings.

Margs voice again "Let the fucking commence!".

I was told it was to be doggy fashion and had to kneel on the end of a bed and felt the unmistakeable squish of a pair of buttocks back up to me. A hand guided my cock and, swish, I was in a fanny again.

Needless to say my staying power was extended after my first eruption and all three of the visiting ladies got 2 turns each at being fucked.

Marg was being an extremely generous and gracious hostess and I hadn't been up her at all that afternoon, but she had planned all along to get her jollies with the grand finale.

After number 3's second shag, Marg commanded "Alright girls, all get your boobs out and let's give him a bit of a tit wank."

In seconds I felt a pair enveloping my cock (it was Marg, I found out later) and following her splendid example all the

ladies did their bit to get me up to boiling point. As the fourth pair of knockers slapped my belly, Marg obviously was

watching for the signs and quickly took over with her hand and wanked me off to (what I am told) was a splendid spunking.

Squirting up in the air and down across my belly. I actually got a chorus of squeals and even some applause!

I thought then that I would now finally get to see the feminine pulchritude that had just had me in a place beyond my wildest dreams, but Marg had other ideas. I was grabbed and re-tied to the bed.

There was much chattering and female giggling as the ladies cleaned up, dressed and fixed their makeup in the bathroom before bidding Marg their goodbyes and having one last feel of my dick and balls.

Marg eventually released me and gave me a big sloppy thankyou kiss.

She also gave me three pairs of ladies panties. Being well aware of my fetish for ladies lingerie, she had persuaded her friends I deserved some wanking trophies for being such a good sport.

To my utter astonishment these helped me raise another hard and so I was able to give Marg a nice, slow, caring fuck, which she appreciated immensely.

However, it hasn't ended there. 2 weeks later was Marg's firm's belated Xmas "do". She had her husband with her, so we weren't able to get up to any hanky panky, but she did manage to have a word with me and let me know that all three of the ladies who had ravished me were there. (but she wouldn't say who they were). For the rest of the evening I looked at every female there in a different light, wishing I could do a Prince Charming to their Cinderellas and find out who fitted which pair of knickers.

Marg now tells me she has been looking at a dominatrix's porn internet site and has some ideas on how to *really* humiliate me and am I up for her getting the girls around again?

I'm trying not to come across as too enthusiastic, wouldn't you?