Written by Chris

21 Jun 2006

Last week I went to a party at my friends house to watch england I ended up having too much drink and fell asleep on the sofa. I was woken up by soft female moans coming form the other side of the room. The room was dark by there was a little bit of light through the window as it was about 3am. As i look up I could see my mate shagging his girlfriend Charlotte on the sofa. She has short dark hair tied up and the cutiest tiniest body ive seen. She was wearing just a small demim mini skirt and she was on top of him and starting to moan really loud. I could just about see what was happening. Just as I slipped me hand into my jeans she looked my way. I thought she would go mad but instead she give me a wink and carried on and now she was moaning even louder and started talking dirty. I could beleive how loud she was moaning. She watched me as I got myself off. my mate could see a thing they carried on for about 30 mins minutes and put she put on a real show. When I woake they had gone. Has I put my jeans on I could feel something in my pocket. I reached inside to pull out a soaking wet red thong. I left the house straight away to make the most on the wet juices and still get off over it now. I am hoping for a repeat this wk/end

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