Written by Rasputin

28 Sep 2005

I have a place in France that I'm doing up and I'm often travelling via the Portsmouth / Caen ferry. The other week I was waiting at Caen to board the ovenight ferry and was asked to open my van's doors for a custom inspection. I duly did so, and was soon waved through. On entering the ferry I got talking to a couple who had seen me open up the van and asked how often I was stopped and what did the french think of all my building equipment. We then parted and I went up to the bar. About 30 minutes later the couple re-appeared and accepted my invitation to join me. I introduced myself and they introduced themselves as Gary and Daphne. We had a good few drinks and then we all staggered down to our bunks. I was being a cheapskate and dossing on a sofa, so I said goodnight as they wandered off to their cabin. Ten minutes later Gary appeared and sat down, he said he was giving daphne time to settle down. We started chatting and then he seemed to get embarrissed and started stuttering and blushing. Gradually he came out with the fact that for the past year he had been unable to function sexually, Daphne was understanding but he knew she would like to be loved. He then asked as Daphne had said she found me attractive if I would be prepared to sleep with her. Daphne was willing but very nervous. I replied that I found her attractive and would like to sleep with her. To overcome her shyness I suggested that he pop back and tell her that I was just going to give her a massage and if she felt comfortable we would see how it went. Within minutes he was back, he thrust the plastic room key into my hand and said "treat her gently, she's a real lady, I'll be waiting in the bar".

I made my way to the cabin and inserted the key. The room was in darkness, so I closed the door and just stood there. Eventually I said Daphne, I'm here to give to a massage, but if you feel awkward I'll leave. She replied that she was nervous but wanted me to stay. In the darkness we stripped both bunks, and tucked them away, laying the mattresses on the floor. I then got her to lay face down on the mattresses, she was naked apart from her panties. I slowly massaged her shoulders, neck, back and legs, gradually becoming more firmer with each pass. As I masaged her upper thighs she moaned quietly and opened her thighs wider. By gentle and discreet "brushes" I was able to feel her sex more and more openly. Eventually I whispered, "do you want me to stop or go on". "go on" she whispered. Slowly I removed her pants and stripped myself, continuing the massage I was able to make her lips open and glisten with anticipation. When I brushed the end of my penis against her sex she shuddered. I kept slowly gliding it up and across her entrance until she was whispering "now, I want it now" I kept up the stimulation until she called me a bastard for "teasing her". I then finally entered her and we had the most fantastic love making ever. She bucked, cried and sobbed as we sated our desires. Finally she shuddered and fell back, whispering "thankyou". Quietly I dressed and went to find Gary, it was a little embarrissing to say that his wife was happy, but he smiled and bought me a drink. Later we both returned to their cabin and I slept with Daphne whilst gary was on the top bunk. All the time there was love and affection flowing from both of them. Gary admitted that he was turned on by watching me later make love to his wife, and he thanked me for being able to treat Daphne like a real woman, and not a slut.