Written by Old Shagger

21 Jan 2004

Having retired to live in France, and now nearly seventy years old, I get regular exposure to the excellent French health service. Our town has a group of district nurses, who travel the area doing dressings, injections, blood sampling etc., and as I have had a few minor maladies, I have got to know them quite well. I recently had a minor heart problem, which required a course of injections twice daily. When I phoned the office the day before the first injection was due, the duty nurse told me she would visit at abaout 9 am. The next morning I was up early, and had breakfast and went into the shower. Now I normally enjoy an active sex life with my wife, but she had gone to England for a couple of weeks, so I had to resort to the odd wank, just to keep in trim. I find the shower is an ideal place for this activity, and if I set the shower head to pulsing and aim the jet at my genitals, it helps to get me going very nicely. So there I was, pumping away at what I am reliably informed is a fairly formidable weapon when there is a little tap, and the door opened.

We have a walk-in shower with no door or curtain, so I turned round to give the district nurse a full frontal. She gave me a big smile, and took out a syringe and said "I'll just dry off a bit of you", and picked up the towel to do just that. Well, the injections were into my abdomen, so there was no hiding place. Usually, a sudden shock kills my erection stone dead, but for some reason this time it stayed up, if anything bigger than ever. She calmly gave me the injection, then said "I can guess what you were doing when I arrived, let me help you. With that she took my cock in her hand and with no more ceremony she gave me a brisk wank, till I spurted my full load. "There, does that feel better? I'll be back this afternoon at about six." I replied that that would be fine, I sometimes have a siesta, but I should be up by then. "Leave the door unlocked in case, and I'll come and wake you up if necessary". And with that she was gone.

That afternoon I had my little rest, but didn't really sleep in anticipation. Sure enough, I heard the front door open at about five, and a little call, but I did not reply, but lay on the bed with my eyes shut. In a moment the door opened and she came in. I opened my eyes, and looked at my watch and said she was early, to which she replied that she had finished earlier than expected and I was her last call. She prepared the syringe, and I pushed the bedclothes down to just the top of my pubes - as usual, I had been sleeping naked. She gave me the injection, then said "I'm sorry I had to be so quick this morning, I've got a bit more time now." With that she pulled the bedclothes right down, and had a good look at me. "You've got a very fine piece of equipment there - I've never seen a man of your age so well endowed" I was completely limp, but it's still a decent size like that. To my amazement, she just bent over and took me into her mouth, and pushed my foreskin back with her lips. My cock grew very rapidly under the effect of her tongue licking the knob end, until it was fully hard. She took her mouth away and said "I've always wanted to get a sleepy cock and wake it up with my mouth, but my husband won't have anything to do with oral sex - he says he's afraid I'll bite it off" "Well, I'll take a chance with you, you've got a lovely mouth, and I'd love you to give me a proper blow job" "You want to come in my mouth?" "I think that would be sheer magic"

She may not have had oral sex with her husband, but she certainly made a good job of me. She held me in her hand at first and pulled the foreskin right back and started licking my knob, her tongue flicking in and out, then she took the foreskin in her teeth and gently pulled it forward, nipping me but not hurting. She was sitting on the bed beside me while she was doing this, and I started to slide my hand up her leg. I got to her pants and could feel that her cunt was hot and wet, but she stopped what she was doing and pushed my hand away. "No, please don't touch me. I'll see to you, but I don't want proper sex, so I'd rather not be too tempted" I said OK, and she bent over me again, and took my cock right into her mouth. It was too long for her to accept it all, but she got a lot in and started to slide up and down. I could feel I was close and I told her so, but she carried on, faster and faster, till I came hard and jerking into her mouth. She slid her mouth off me, looked at me, and swallowed. Then she leaned over my face and kissed me with her mouth open so that I could taste my own spunk. She sat up and said "Now it's my turn" and pulled up her skirt and slid her hand down deep into her pants. I could see the outline of her hand as she rubbed her clitoris, and soon she was starting to pant and push her hips against her hand, till at last she gasped and lay back, her body still jerking till it was all over. She took her hand out and put her fingers on my mouth, so I could smell and taste the flavour of her cunt. Then she stood up, and straightened her dress and walked into the bathroom. I heard the water running, and after a little while she returned, smiling. "I'll be back in the morning at exactly eight - be sure you are ready for me.

Needless to say, next morning I was in the shower when she arrived, and this time I had not been playing with myself. She walked in, gave me my injection, then took my cock in her hand and soon it was firm and she said "It will only be a quickie for now, I've got to do my rounds" Her hand was soft and warm, and again she soon brought me to a climax. She gave me a quick kiss on the mouth and told me to be ready at five, and was gone.

At five I was laying on the bed when the door opened and in walked a different nurse. "Hello, Isobel told me you might be in bed. She's had to go to take her son to the doctor, so she asked me to call." Needless to say I was feeling really pissed off with this, I'd been looking forward all day to another blow job. She got the syringe ready, and I pushed the bedclothes down just enough to uncover my abdomen. She gave me the injection, then said "Isobel says you need a massage, I've got time if you would like" I thought, bloody hell, this is too good to be true, when she told me to turn over onto my front. Oh, bugger, it was too good to be true. She poured a little oil onto my back, and started to massage my shoulders and upper back firmly, which felt good, especially as I do have a bit of back pain. She worked her way down, and pushed the bedclothes right off me. When she got to my bum, she worked her hands round and round, but gradually further into the crack, till her fingers brushed my arsehole. Then she moved to the top of my thighs, and said "Open your legs, please", and then started on the insides of my thigh, moving higher till she was rubbing my balls, and up and down the skin between my balls and my arsehole.

"Turn over" she said, so I did as she asked. My cock wasn't hard, but it was still a respectable size. She looked at it and said "I think that you need a special massage." With that, she put her hand behind her back, unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. To my amazement, she was naked underneath. "Good God, is that what you usually wear on duty?" "I'm not on duty. Isobel told me about you, and as she doesn't want to be unfaithful to her husband (well, not completely unfaithful), she thought you might enjoy my company". She was standing with her back to me, and the softness of her flesh over her hips looked good enough to eat.Her full buttocks were atop a pair of fine legs. Then she turned round to face me. She looked magnificent in her naked glory. She is about forty, attractive with auburn hair. Her breasts are full and heavy, but not a bit saggy, and her nipples are surrounded by big, dark brown aureoles that stand out against her white skin. Her hips are rounded as is her belly, below which is a curly mass of auburn hair, through which her slit can be seen. "What do you think?" "I think I want to fuck you" "No, you're too old, I'll fuck you instead."

Then she straddled me and bent down to kiss me, with luscious soft lips open and our tongues making sweet music as they tangled with each other. She lifted her head, and moved further up and lowered her breasts to my face. It felt as though I was being suffocated, but what a lovely way to go. I pushed her up so that I could take her nipples in my mouth, first one, then the other. I sucked and bit and pulled at them, while I was squeezing her with my hands. She was making little squealing noises, and her nipples were hard and jutting under my caresses. Suddenly, she moved again, so that she was kneeling over my head. I was looking at her spread slit between her outer lips, her clitoris, already swollen, and her pink spread cunt glistening with her moisture, and right back to the dark star shape of her arsehole. I moved my head so that I could lick her clit, and she lowered herself against me. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked hard on it, while I caressed with my tongue. I could feel its firm growth in my mouth, and when I pulled my head back a little I saw that it was sticking out well between her lips. Then I grasped her thighs and held her so that I could tongue her cunt, sucking the lips, then pushing as far in as I could, while I rubbed her clit with my fingers. Then I licked my way back towards her arsehole, and pushed the tip into her, and at the same time I had four fingers pushing into her cunt, which was streaming juice onto me.

She pulled away from me and said "It's time for me to fuck you" She crawled backwards till she could bend over and take my cock in her mouth. I was already well alight, but this brought me up to a huge hard. She moved forward above me, then slowly lowered herself so that my knob end was just nosing between her pussy lips. She stayed there for a moment then slid down so the full length of my cock was hidden inside her juicy cunt. Then she started some little movements inside her cunt, sqeezing and releasing, which was a new experience for me. "How do you do that?" I asked "I practice with a dildo, but I don't think my toy is as big as your cock. If it's this big now, what was it like fifty years ago when you were young?" "Not so big, it's lots of massage has grown it"

"Now let's get serious" and she started to move slowly up and down, till I was getting close to climax. Then she stopped and asked me to play with her clit, so I started to rub and squeeze it with one hand, while I pulled and squeezed her nipples with the other. After a while she just said "Now" and she started to move again. I was as near as she was, and I started to respond to her downward thrusts by pushing up at her, till with a great shout she came, at the same time as I grabbed her hips and thrust as hard as I could, and I felt the wet of her cunt juices as I pumped my spunk into her again and again. At last we were quiet and she laid forward onto me and kissed me gently. We were both soaking with sweat, and we lay side by side, stroking each other and kissing. Then she got up, and we went into the shower. We soaped each other, and I washed her cunt as she washed my cock and balls. I started to caress her, but she said "No, that was wonderful, but I've told Isobel I would visit one patient for her tonight, though she has actually been working all the time, so I'll have to go" "Tomorrow?" I asked. "You'll have to wait and see. There are three nurses on this practice, you never know what might happen" And with that, she took her undewear out of her bag, dressed, and was gone, after a quick soft kiss.

Try getting treatment like that out of the NHS.