Written by Jon

27 Aug 2003

This is a true story about our holiday in France recently.

My wife, Chris, and I had planed a three-week caravanning holiday in France during August when she suggested that her friend Jan, being single, should join us, as she hadn’t planned anything herself. I readily agreed as I have always fancied Jan.

We eventually arrived at a naturist site in the South of France and spent a couple of days around the pool relaxing after the drive down.

One evening we decided to visit the local town and have a meal, so we all went to the shower block to freshen up. Being a naturist site it was communal with just showerheads coming out of the wall. Being under the middle shower between the two girls, jokingly I said, “Where are my two hand maidens to wash me?” They both laughed at this but turned to me and starting soaping me down, including my cock and balls. This caused me to have an erection, which Jan proceeded to rub, while Chris cupped my balls in her hand and sucked my nipples. The unexpectedness of this and the possibility of being seen caused me to come immediately, much to the amusement of the two girls.

We finished our showers and went to get ready for our trip into town. The girls complaining of the heat and having to wear cloths again just wore loose short dresses with no underwear.

When we arrived in town it was dark. Parking the car in a side street we heard sounds of music coming from the direction of the main square. We followed the sounds and came to a wide but low wall over looking the square where there was a dance going on. The girls could not see very well so they lent right forward on their stomachs, going up onto to tiptoe.

Having found myself between them I rested my hands on each of their buttocks. Neither made any objections so I slid my hands simultaneously down below their dresses hems and let my fingers rest on bare arses, with an index finger between each cheek. This caused both of them to open their legs wider. Taking the hint I slid my fingers further down until I could insert them up both cunts. They both gasped causing each to realise what was happening to the other. Glancing at each other they giggled and pushed back onto my fingers. As they were both so wet by now I inserted another two fingers up each cunt. Jan’s took a little more pushing, as she was a lot tighter. I then finger fucked them together until they orgasmed, Jan coming first, closely followed by Chris a few seconds later.

I’ll write about the meal went and the rest of the holiday another time.