Written by Paris lovers

20 Jun 2005

We visited Paris recently and visited a swinger club that we have often visited before. It consists of a lower floor having a small bar and buffet area, seating area and dance floor and an upper floor of fun rooms.

Dressed in a black skirt and silver/black top that revealed just enough cleavage to make men look, stockings and suspender belt my wife was looking ready for sex. After a drink and snack she went to the toilets and took off her thong and then we went upstairs. In the main room were three couples making love and so we went to the other end on the very large bed area and took off our clothes. My wife has a sixe 12 figure with large tits and big nipples and soon one of the young man reached over and stroked her naked breast to which she responded by touching his cock. I left her to become involved with him and settled back to enjoy the scene. The man strated to kiss my wife and she responded, playing with his cock. Soon they were wanking each other and my wife took a condom out of her bag, put it on his long ock and began sucking him off. After a while he pushed her on her back and entered her giving her a hard fuck in front of me. His wife came over and began to wank while she watched so I reached over and stroked her tits - she responded by wbaking me with one hand and herself with the other as we watched our partners fucking in front of us.

He pulled my wife up and turned her over so he could dog her at which ppoint another man came to watch and as his cock was hard and near hwer face she opened her mouth and sucked him whilst being fucked. What a lovely sight - my wife sucking a stranger and being fucked by another while a woman wanked me.

The man fucking my wife soon came in her and the other man took his place after putting on a condom. He was young and another hard fuck merchant. He pounded into my wife which she loved and soon he also came in her pussy.

My wife got up and dressed and said she was going for a drink while I fucked the other woman. She left and I carried on having sex with the French lady.

After about 10 minutes my wife re-appeared with a man and he undressed her at the other end of the bed. She took off his clothes and wanked him until he bacame hard. She then sucked his cock, put on a condom for him and lay back to receive her third hard cock of the evening.

After she had finished fucking him I went over and she immediately asked me to cum on her tits which I did.

The next evening we returned and as we were having a drink a couple sat near us. I could not see them but asked my wife if she fancied anyone in the room and if she had noticed anyone looking at her. She said she had eye contact with the man near us and that she fancied him. We went upstairs and the other couple joined us. As I made love to the lady I noticed my wife sucking his cock and then lying on her back and opening her legs so he could enter her. Normsally when she has sex with strangers she does not do much snogging but on this occasion she had her tongue down his throat and his was down hers. He fucked her on her front, side, doggy and then on her front again. She came a lo with him and afterwards she told me she had just had a romantic experience, wanted to meet him again for sex and to get to know him better as she really fancied him and he fancied her. As I also fancied his wife, I readliy agreed to them making arrenagements. We ar going to their apartment in Paris soon and whilst we are staying the night it is his bed that my wife will be sleeping in as she wants to experience an all-night sex session and cuddling each other to sleep, followed by sex in the morning. She has done this before with French lovers and I am looking forward to her doing it again. They are the only men she sleeps with, although she does have sex with oter nationalities.