Written by cookiescock

21 Jan 2007

well it all starts of in the pub i was having a drink with a friend when the topic of conversation turned to sex he told me that an ex of his just loved sex and couldnt get enough. anyway i persuaded him to text her and find out what she was doing after half an hour she turned up at the pub in a long overcoat smilin telling us we should drink up and go to his house.when we got there she was wearing stockings and suspenders with crochless panties after stripping all our clothes off we took it in turns licking her pussy and finger fucking her hard and fast till she came twice. then she sucked our cocks like a hoover while one got a bj the other one licked her out. after a while i entered her froim behind while my mate got his dick sucked she said sheloved anal so i startin stickin my fingers in her arse crack makin her cum.that was the final blow for me so i shot my load deeo inside her which she greeted with a massive scream while i was recovering my friend fucked her hard and deep she shile came again. she was a dirty bitch and let him cum all over her face. after half an hour of her getting us hard again she said she wanted us to fuck her up the arse and pussy together. seems we were drunk it was hard getting it right but after 5 mins we proceeded to fuck her up the arse and fanny to her pleasures oif screamin the house down after 15 mins we both shot our loads over her back then she sucked us dry what a result cant wait for next time.