Written by Mike and Pam

25 Mar 2004

Last Friday night some friends of ours invited us to a 21st birthday party. My parents are always asking for the kids to go and stay over at their house, so we arranged it for the same night as the party, this meant we wouldn't have to worry about getting home early for the babysitter and could really enjoy ourselves.

Pam went all out with a new suit and wore a black silk camisole top under the jacket, which gave a nice glimpse of flesh when she leaned over. When we arrived we found one of our friends, Sean was there on his own as his wife had gone to visit her family for a week. Sean told us that he wasn't going to go to the party, but had decided at the last minute that he had better make an appearance, but that he wasn't planning to stat long on his own. We chatted with him for a while, eventually persuading him to stay on at the party and we all started drinking and dancing and having a great time.

There was a lot of flirting going on, with plenty of good-hearted banter and Pam looked very attractive. She was getting lots of comments and attention. The party started to wind down at about 1.30 and the bar closed so we said to Sean that we had some drink back at home and if he wanted we could carry on the party back there.

So the 3 of us ended up back at our place and carried on drinking and talking. It wasn’t long before the conversation turned to sex. Pam had been to an Ann summers party the week before and Sean was asking her what she had ordered. The stuff she had bought had not yet been delivered so she was describing the leather bra and panties she had ordered. The bra was just made up of straps that held up the breasts and the panties had studs on them to open the crotch. Sean seemed very interested and said he would like to see it, so Pam showed him a picture in the catalogue. To which he said that he had meant on her. Pam blushed and laughed it off.

Realising the way the situation was leading, I was starting to think of what I could do that might help it on its way, when suddenly Sean asked if we had any blue movies we could watch. Pam said yes we did and she went to get them. It seemed the situation was heading the right way without my help. We all sat together and started to watch the movie, which was pretty hardcore with a girl sucking off a couple of guys, and then one started to eat her pussy. I asked Sean if he needed another drink and went into the kitchen to get a couple more beers. Whilst in the kitchen I could hear Sean ask Pam if she would like to be the girl on the screen because he would love to be the guy and she started to giggle. When I came back in Pam was looking a little flushed and had taken off her suit jacket so she was sitting there on the settee next o Sean in just her Camisole and trousers, which looked really hot, and I could see the outline of her nipples which were sticking out through the flimsy material. Sean complimented her nice underwear and said that he wished his wife would wear stuff like that.

The action on the screen was now starting to heat up and I put my arm around Pam as she turned and kissed me deeply. Sean told us to cut it out as it wasn't fair, which made us both laugh. As we watched the film Sean was trying desperately to make his erection more comfortable with out Pam noticing, but she was watching his crotch closely and smirking asked him if he was ok. Sean replied he was fine and adjusted himself openly with Pam still watching closely.

Pam had her hand on my thigh and was rubbing gently and with the atmosphere in the room and the action on TV I was as hard as Sean was. He asked us if we had a camcorder so he could film us if we wanted, to which Pam gave a firm no. He grinned, shrugged his shoulders and said ok and left it at that. By now my arm around Pam had reached further over and my hand was playing with her tit thru her underwear, whilst my other hand was caressing her upper thigh. Sean was watching us more than the video and as I kissed Pam again, I caught site of him rubbing his crotch. By now I was so horny I was going to burst if I didn't get some relief soon. So I suggested we go to bed. Sean’s face dropped a mile and he asked us if he could he stay on the sofa as it was a bit late for him to try and get home. I looked at Pam for a moment and then told him that he was coming with us if Pam didn't mind. She looked surprised but said that it was ok with her if I didn’t mind. Sean couldn't believe his luck and said he would love to.

We went into the bedroom and Pam was suddenly all shy and wanted the lights off. Not wanting to push my luck, I turned off the lights, but left the bedroom door partly open enabling some light from the landing to shine through, so that I could see some of the action. We all undressed and got into bed with Pam in the middle and she whispered to me, asking whether I was sure, so I took her hand and putting in on Sean’s cock and said yes I was absolutely sure. As I wrapped her hand around his cock I could feel that it was shorter than mine but quite thick. I slid my hand down onto her pussy, but felt Sean’s hand had beaten me to it. The two of us fingered her pussy which was soaking and as we both kissed her, she was moaning softly.

After a few minutes I told her to suck him and she obediently got up on her knees and took his cock into her mouth and started to suck him gently as I stuck my tongue into her pussy and licked away at her clit. I could tell that she was close to cumming as she ground her pussy into my face, so I gently pushed two fingers into her pussy and stuck my tongue into her arse and she came almost straight away. Then I started to fuck her hard from behind while she sucked him but I was so excited by the situation that I couldn’t hold back and I came after only a few strokes. Pam then told me to lie down and she sat on my face and asked Sean to fuck her hard with his fat cock. She said that she wanted to feel it in her, so I was licking her out while she was getting fucked right in front of my face. I was licking her clit whilst his big cock squeezed my spunk out of her, causing it to drip out onto my face. Sean was very vocal telling her what a great fuck she was and how he had wanted to do this since he had met her and how he had fantasies about fucking her while he fucked his wife. This helped Pam onto her next orgasm and as I was licking I could feel her contract around his cock trying to pull him right into her. Then I could feel him starting to come and he buried his load into her and as he pulled out she sat up on my face opening her pussy over my mouth and told me to drink it all down. I lapped away at her for ages as she came again and again. Sean was kissing her and squeezing her big tits, rolling the nipples between his fingers, while Pam grabbed his cock and started to lick and suck him hard again. Then he lay down and pulled Pam over to him and she climbed up and lowered her pussy down onto his cock and started to fuck him again, bouncing hard up and down on his cock. I was overcome by excitement at this stage and started to rub her clit. I could feel his cock moving in and out of my wife. It felt awesome. Then Pam asked me to play with her arse so I swirled a finger around her pussy as Sean continued to fuck her and got it nice and wet with her juices and then slowly worked it into her arse, which drove her wild. We had tried anal sex before, but my cock is quite large and Pam always found it a bit uncomfortable, so as I worked my finger into her I was surprised how horny it was making her and when she said “fuck me in the arse”, I didn't need asking twice. I got the lube from the bedside table and working it onto my cock and into her arse and then slowly started to push it into her this drove her to another orgasm and then I could feel the movement of Sean’s cock rubbing against mine separated by the walls of her arse after a couple of minutes we both came inside her and then we all collapsed into a mess of sweaty bodies. Pam and I went the bathroom and washed ourselves before heading back to bed, Pam telling me how much she loved me. When we returned Sean was asleep so I licked her pussy again for her. I could still taste Sean’s spunk which was leaking out of her well used pussy. Afterwards we kissed and caressed each other gently until we both eventually fell asleep.

When we woke up Sean was gone, leaving a note saying he was very sorry about last night, but that he was so drunk and please not to tell his wife. We laughed thinking that we had more to lose than him if word got out I called up to him later that day and he was very worried about what happened and the consequences if his wife found out, so I talked to him, reassuring him that as long as we didn't tell there was no way she could find out and that seemed to settle him down. He wanted to know if we had ever done anything like that before and I said no he was the first and probably only time. When I asked him if he had enjoyed it he cheered up and said it was the best sex he had ever had and I was a lucky guy to have such a horny wife and that he wished we could loosen up his wife a bit to which we both laughed but I had a few ideas of my own on that one.