Written by grahme

11 Oct 2005

the missus is usually on the town with her mates every friday i go to bed about half twelve and normally get woken up just after two when she tries to come to bed without waking me but always does falling up the stairs or over the dog but last week i fell asleep on the settee when the dog woke me barking at something i heard a voice telling the dog to be quiet he obviously knew it was her and silent he went we have a high front hedge around the front garden which sounded like the daft sod had fell in it i pulled the curtain back a touch and thought i was dreaming i couldnt see her at first only a figure with its back to me up against the hedge it didnt take to long to realise she was getting shagged by some fucker i dont shock easily but i stood back from the curtains wondering what the fuck to do the only light was from the telly so i turned it off and open the curtains very slightly this time i saw her chin resting on his shoulder facing the house and his bare arse pumping in and out of her just seconds later he turned sideways she took hold of his cock wanking it he shot out a few jets of spunk then she done something shes never done to me got on her knees to give him a bj this has always been a no no after ive come i couldnt think what to do dumbstruck i was but kept on watching her suck his cock dont know how long it took but she took it her mouth and he managed a couple of squirts i crept upstairs to bed shaking she came in a couple of minutes later only this time very quietly i made on i was asleep so she got into bed and was asleep in seconds i didnt get much sleep that night but had no option in the morning to confront her yes you guessed it was all my fault taking her for granted all these years etc etc having seen what i seen and listened to what she had to say for herself ive agreed she can see other men for extras i didnt think for a moment i would say or even dream of this but seeing your missus at it with another bloke is something i now recommend .