Written by John

26 Nov 2006

I was staying at a sea side hotel to do a bit of fishing and genaraly just relaxing. I arived on friday evening and after unpacking I went down to dinner.There was only one other couple in the dinning room it being off season and a bit late in the evening. As I enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner I ordered a bottle. As I looked through the menu I cought Stephanie smilling at me she was in her late sixties,I thuoght, she had a great figure probably a size eight to ten and dressed in a smart trouser suite. Her husband sat with his back to me.I ofered them a glass of wine and Stan grunted no at me and Stephanie winked, smiled and said no thankyou. As I ate my steak they got up and went through to the small lounge bar. After having finished my meal I went through to the lounge for a drink and Stephanie and I started talking. They where there for a relaxing weekend and a bit of sight seeing much to Stans disaproval who was knocking back the brandi.As I sat next to Stephanie on the couch I tried to engage Stan in conversation and found him to be a grumpy old sod. I cought Stephanie smilling at me out of the corner of my eye and placed my hand on her knee she put her hand on top of mine and I thought at first that she was going to remove my hand but she just rest her hand on mine. As I complemented stan on his beutifull wife and said how lucky he was as I slid my hand slowly up her thigh with her hand still ontop of mine. He blurted out that I must be jocking and that touching her leg would do me no good as she was fridgid. Stephanie had a tear in her eye and gripped my hand as she got up saying that if you are going to be mean Stan I`m going off to bed. Stephanie was quite upset and made off up the stairs to there room. I cought up with her as she fumbled with her room key. That old bastard loves to put me down at every oppotunity she cried as I met her at her door. As she was trying to open it I took the key from her and held her in my arms and said come with me dear leading her to my room. She was still sobbing as I closed my room door. So I held her close to me with her head on my shoulder as I strocked her neck and worked my fingers through her hair. Stephanie looked at me and I wiped her tears away as I held her and gently kissed her on the lips, cheacks,forehead and eyes. There now don`t worry about him I said as I slid a hand up her back under her jacket and began to slowly undress her. I kissed and gently sucked on her erect nipples then kissed my way across her stomach as I pulled her knickers down and lay her back on the bed as I slid my tongue over her clit causing her to gasp and tremble whilst I pulled my clothes off. I kissed my way back up her body and held her tenderly once again as I pressed the tip of my erect cock against her entrance. As I kissed her I pushed my cock gently into her and then slid out and rubbed her clit with the tip of my cock. She clamped her legs around me and gasped put it in please. I very slowly slid my cock into her and started to fuck her with a slow rocking motion as I gently frigged her clit. Stephanie was now gasping and crying out as she came again and again. As I felt the urge to come I withdrew and kissed my way back to her cunt and eased two fingers into her as I licked her clit. She came again gushing her juices over my face. Having given her many orgasms I held her legs up resting them on my shoulders and thrust deep into her and fucked her hard and fast until I came flooding her with my seed.