Written by somerly

23 Mar 2005

In my last post I described how, when my Norwegian wife Vera and I were living in RAF Married Quarters, she was soundly fucked in our back porch by the Station Senior Warrant Officer David Pitt.

About a week later my wife's father came over from Norway on business and was spending some time in London and my wife went up to join him for a few days.

The day after she left my next door neighbour Frank and his wife Joan invited me round for drinks. Frank and Joan were a bit older than my wife and I in their mid-thirties. After we said our hellos I was sitting in an armchair opposite Frank and Joan who were settled in a big sofa. For a time we just chatted about this and that but I could feel a slight tension in the air. Then Joan suddenly asked, "Did Vera get home all right after the dance the other night?"I sort of hesitated then said,"Well yes. Why do you ask?" She gave an embarrassed giggle and said, "It was just that as soon as David Pitt knew that she was on her own that he was all over her and told us that he would take her home." She giggled again and went on, "With his reputation most of the other wives were convinced that Vera would lose her knickers before she got home. He has screwed most of the wives on this camp including a number of the officer's wives. In spite of his rather unprepossing appearance he has a magnetism about him that gets the ladies knickers wet including me." I was a bit taken aback at her forthright statement but as she spoke I could feel my cock hardening at what she had just described. This process was considerably helped by the fact that her dress had ridden up and I could see the tops af her dark brown stockings and just a hint of suspender and bare thigh. She was an attractive dark haired woman,slim, with fairly large tits and great legs.I looked at Frank but he just beamed at me but I could see his trousers bulging and Joan's chat was obviously affecting his cock too. I decided to take the bull by the horns and asked, "Apart from getting your knickers wet has he also fucked you?" Joan said, "Oh yes several times." I looked at Frank but he was still beaming. I thought, "Right." And described to them in great detail how I had watched David fucking Vera and how he had kept her knickers. As I got into my story Joan's skirt was getting higher and higher and by the time I finished I could see right up in between her legs and her black nylon knickers which had a visible damp patch making them transparent. Frank's cock was now at full attention under his trousers as of course was mine. Joan said, "Get more drinks Frank and Jack why don't you come and keep me company."

I quickly moved over to the sofa and before I knew it her arms were around my neck and we were kissing madly with out tongues entwined. Her hand went down rubbing my hard cock through my trousers and I pulled her dress off her shoulders uncovering her bra which I unclipped exposing her tits. I bent my head and sucked and gently bit her nipples which were standing out red and hard at the same time I moved a hand down in between her legs and caressed her cunt through her wet knickers. By this time she had unfastened my trousers and was caressing my throbbing cock. We were both so worked up that I ripped her knickers off got between her legs and thrust my cock right up her sopping cunt. She moaned, "Oh yes fuck me. Fuck me hard." I obliged and rammed my cock into her harder and harder. Pulling right out until just the knob was inside her then ramming it hard in so that I could feel my knob against her cervix. She was soon crying, "Oh! Oh! I'm cumming. I'm cumming. I slowed down enjoying fucking her to the full with my cock sliding gently out and into her until I felt the pressure build up and my cum spurted into her.

We lay for while with my cock soaking inside her until I got off and delighted in the view of Joan lying there with her tits out and her cunt gaping with my cum dribbling out of it.

I must admit that I had forgotten about Frank but when I looked round he was standing there wearing just nylon stockings, a black suspender belt and Joans black knickers which were now full of his cum.

I enjoyed seeing him like that because I too like from time to time to wear women's underwear.

Needless to say after that first session I fucked and sucked Joan many times and also enjoyed mutual masturbation and occasional cock sucking with Frank while both of us were wearing stockings suspenders and knickers.

In due course Frank also fucked Vera but that is another story.