Written by Da_Putzler

10 Nov 2017

Friends Night Over

One night my wife and I had our mutual friend over to watch a movie and have a chat, and we ended up watching some b-movie and having a good laugh taking the piss. All of a sudden a girl wearing a schoolgirl outfit appears on screen and our friend watched eagerly and states that he always had a thing for girls in uniforms.

My wife then disappears upstairs for a while and comes back down wearing her schooly outfit that we use for dressup. Now on a good day my wife looks the part and can be mistaken for a schoolgirl no problem.

Our mate's eyes nearly popo out of his head as he starts checking out the missus, then he tells her that she looks really sexy, but can she go back upstairs and change cause it's making him horny.

Now the wife likes to play games, so instead of changing, she straddles his lap and wriggles around to tease the living hell out of him instead. You can see the panic in his face as he starts to turn red and look at me in terror, and all I could do was laugh and give him the thumbs up to say it's cool.

Now by this time she is wriggling around and hugging him like a little girl, she is seriously in on the act and winding him up no end. Then suddenly she kneels down and starts stroking his cock underneath his trousers and pretends to be curious about what lies beneath.

You can tell that he's hard as hell and soon his zip works it's way down and my wife is holding his raging boner in her hand, rolling it around and stroking it gently with her fingers. She pokes it a little and licks the tip before wrapping her soft lips around the head and sliding her mouth over it again and again, getting it all wet and hot.

Now I'm watching eagerly as I love to see my wife pleasured and pleasing others and this she is enjoying a lot, and so is our friend who is horn-dogged to hell and laying back against the sofa, having his cock sucked by someone else's wife.

Eventually she gets up again and slides her panties off, then tugs his trousers down and straddles him once again, this time rubbing her wet pussy over his cock, back and forth, moaning like a little girl and holding tight onto him.

Before long I get the impression it's going further, but before I can pass the condom over, my wife has slid the tip of his monster inside her and slowly works her tight little pussy along it's length, moaning as it slides it's way deeper inside her.

She rocks back and forth, holding onto him tight and giving hte cutest moan as his cock slides inside her. She unbuttons her blouse to reveal her pert little titties and presses herself tight against him, letting him kiss and nibble on her boobs.

Slowly she pushes him back onto the sofa, laying him flat and straddling him cowgirl style, rocking back and forth onto his cock and moaning loud with him in unison, fucking him hard and letting his hands wander all over her soft and cute body.

I'm still watching, and oh-so horny and wanting to join in the action, but I wait and get more and more excited watching my wife play and my friend buc his hips as he gets more and more excited himself, but before he cums, my wife slides him out and takes his cock in hand, wanking the sperm all over his stomach and her hands, spurt by spurt.

Our friend looks tired and the wife has such a wicked grin on her face and manages to grap a flannel from the kitchen to clean him up and wash him off, before disappearing upstairs once again to change back into her normal clothes. What a woman.

We finished watching the movie after that and our friend went home that night and said he had a great nights sleep. Although that night the wife and I had our own great night fucking each other's brains out over and over until we fell asleep ourselves.