Written by Da_Putzler

7 Apr 2006

After that night of fun watching my wife sucking our friends cock and fucking his brains out, then having the best night of sex after he went home, we decided to invite him over for dinner a few days later.

Nothing fancy was made, only a light fruit and vegetable salad, but in true fasion my wife wanted to surprise our friend again and have it Japanese style with her laying on a table and having the food arranged around her naked self, with us having to eat it off of her.

She was all arranged and the heating was on to keep her cosy and our friend arrived on time as usual. I led him into the living room and for the 2nd time his eyes jumped from his head and he turned red. After a moment of panic he saw we were having fun again and decided to join in.

We all ate from my naked wife using our hands and mouth, plus I was feeding little bits and pieces to my wife who was also hungry and noticably horny by having two guys eat from her naked flesh.

My friend started rubbing parts of the food into her skin and massaging parts of my wife clean of food, working his way ever closer to the middle and licking his way up to her pussy. Now it was his turn to tease her as she had to lie there covered in food and couldnt move without making one hell of a mess.

He started flicking his tongue over her thighs and onto her wet lips, tasting her and nuzzling himself inbetween while licking her clit and making her squirm. I also joined in on the fun and started kissing my wife on the lips and slowly working my way around her body and onto her pert little titties.

We both nibbled, kissed and ate our way around her, clearing up the food in our paths and massaging her with our hands and mouths when our friend decided to undress right there and slip a condom onto his major tom. Man, it was big, and he was seriously horny again.

He licked her pussy and then slid the head of his cock inside slowly, inch by inch, watching her squirm and unable to move, then began rocking and fucking her. I watched her titties move up and down with each stroke and continues kissing my way all around her body.

Now, I've been kinda curious about guys for some time and never really acted on anything, but I was getting excited and decided to strip also. My wife, noticing this took my cock in hand and started stroking it, guiding it close and before long into her warm and wet mouth, sucking me hard and fast. She was indeed horny.

Our friend fucked harder and the missus played with herself, rubbing the food over her breasts and torso, slowly touching his cock while sucking mine. My wife gives such a great blowjob and our friend remembered this, so he wanted to trade places so he could get some hot lip action while I slipped on a jiffy and took over pussy duty. Oh! man, so nice.

We fucked and got sucked for what seems like ages and eventually the food was gone, rubbed all over my wife and us and we ended up on the floor rolling around one another, and I noticed that my hands had started to wander off my wife and onto our friend. I was literally stroking his sock and wanking him off while he kissed my wife and played with her boobs.

This turned me on, since it's new territory to me, so I continued massaging him and my wife and since we were all covered in lovely food, I decided to taste his cock. Licking the head to begin with, ok, sliding it into my mouth, not bad, then sliding up and down his cock, sucking it hard, man this tasted nice. I dont think I would normally have done this without the remnance of food all over us.

I sucked him and the wife turned and sucked me while we both played with her clit and boobs and before long we both made her cum so hard she rocked all over us in ecstacy and flopped to the side to rest. As did we.

Man oh Man, what a time. We tidied ourselves up by all having a shower together and got dressed, before watching yet another movie, hah.