Written by hotlips

29 Aug 2004

On the 24th of April this year my life changed forever.

My wife was invited to a friends reunited get together with some old schoolfriends.

Now bearing in mind that we left scool in 1968 some years have gone by. My wife has always been a looker and still is.

Our sex life has been ok but as you agree we take things for granted .Off she went to this night outin a local hotel.At this evening,she noticed a familiar face from the past.It was a guy who was mad about her at scool but never did get a date.He was tall ,well tanned and looked good,he said he now stayed in America but travelled back home often.He danced a few times and bought a few drinks.He asked if they could meet for a drink one evening soon.Up until now she never strayed. When she came home,she told me about him etc.He called her next day and asked for a meet.She asked me and I agreed. She met him and all was well,he said he had a room in a hotel ,did she fancy a quiter drink? She said no thanks and came home.

In bed that night she told me he was a nice guy etc.

She quizzed me about another possible meeting.

Aprox 2 weeks later he called and said he was back in uk

She hinted to me again, I said what you getting at .do you want to fuck him?.

She said ,dont be daft.I have only ever been with you.

Next night she mentioned again and said she wondered what like it would be fucking somebody else . I said go for it.

Next day she looked out her peep hole bra,black suspenders and nylons and open crotch knickers. They agreed a local hotel would be better.I dropped her off and she was nervous. She nearly backed out.

He was inside waiting for her,they had a few drinks.she was stroking her long thin glass,he was clearly excited.

He then suggested they go upstairs to the bedroom.

The room was lit up only by the tv screen.He poured drinks for them. she asked if she could take her trousers off to avoid creasing them.He then saw her standing there .

she made certain he could see her thick hairy bush out of the open crotch panties. He quickly removed his trousers .

she said she could not believe the bulge in his pants.

witin 2 minutes his pants were off revealing a massive rock hard 8.5 inches of cock and about 6.5 inches thick.

she was soon on top of him struggling to get his huge dick inside her.She managed it all,no problem she said it is one of the most incredible feelings she has ever had.

She said it was her best ride ever in her life. After the ride she took him in her mouth and sucked him hard again.

this time he took her from behind .Fantastic she said.

it was getting late ,so I phoned her .She said she would be home shortly.She told me that they did go downstairs for a taxi,but during the wait she felt his hard cock again.

Back to the room they went for another ride.She arrived home a 5am. They met again 2 nights later.

During this second night he fingered her clit until she had an explosive orgasm. In return she took his shaft in her mouth and swallowed all his warm cum. After about 40 minutes he gave her a shagging never to forget. She arrived home at 9.20am.This is now a regular thing every time he is home and i must admit i enjoy all her stories. I told her i would write to your page but she doesnt believe me.

Heres hoping

and who said school nights were boring.