Written by Diane J

13 Sep 2006

I am a female teacher, 47 years old, and married with 3 lovely kids. I had never been unfaithful to my husband until a few days ago when a Friends Reunited evening for our school ended with me astride one of my ex-pupils.

I had told my husband that I wouldn't be late, in the end I suppose I wasn't but I haven't got a lot of time to go into the minutiae leading up to it.

The evening had been highly successful and drinks had been flowing steadily, I suppose I was a little tipsy, Dom, now 22, had been a favourite of mine in class, not a high flyer, but a cheeky chappy.

A non-drinker had offered to take a pile of people home in his vehicle, to save money I had asked for alift, I ended up on Dom's knee. After a few minutes of laughing and joking, I felt a movement through my flimsy skirt, he was getting a stiffy, how embarassing, I thought.

He lifted me slightly and it was positioned centrally, I couldn't believe how exciting this was.

The driver dropped off people and seats became available, I didn't move, apart from opening my legs sligfhtly. Dom's hand reached underneath me and stroked my arse, this was now getting serious.

Dom shouted that this was our drop, the vehicle stopped and he pushed me towards the door, I was miles from home, we bade our farewells, and he took my hand and walked up the path of an enormous house.

Dom hadn't spoke and I was saying I really needed a taxi, my vulva was fully open and I could feel lips swollen in anticipation.

He opened the door and pulled me through, too late now, the door slammed and he dragged me upstairs to a sumptious bedroom. He ripped back a large duvet, turned and walked towards me, all he said was that he had a lot of schoolboy dreams to fulfil.

Iwas undressed slowly, as each piece of clothing came off I would feel electric sparks fly through my body. He fianally had me naked, he kissed me and began to disrobe, his body was the absolute opposite of my husbands, tight, firm and a cock, oh what a cock, maybe 7 inches, a good couple longer and thicker than I had received before.

Our kissing was long and open mouthed, he didn't touch me at this point, just long lingering kisses, all the time this large cock pressing up against my belly, sticky with pre-cum, Ibegan to mve backwards to the bed, and when my legs touched the bed we fell, Dom on top.

Iraised my knees, offering my fanny to this young man, he put his head down, leaving me groaning with pleasure, staring with disbelief at the ceiling, my hands running through his hair.

HE raised himself after I had orgasmed, he moved his body between my legs, I held his dick with my left hand, he asked me to suck him, I refused, not one of my things I explained. Instead I guided the throbbing tool towards me sopping gash.

He entered me and thrust, I had an involuntary gasp, even with experimental sex toy play, I hadn't felt this full, ever. Sadly he only lasted a minute or so, he was very sweet, even to the point of saying sorry Miss, but I gently kissed him, refused his offer of a glass of wine while he 'got his second wind,' and said I needed a taxi.

On my way home I kept shaking my head in disbelief, when I arrived home my husband asked if it had been a successful evening, I said it had been nice to see my boy turned into men, he said that it would probably be an annual event.

I am writing this after my husband has gone to work, and like most days, have brought myself off thinking about my schoolboy crush.