Written by sue

30 May 2004

I had ben into town and was on the bus home, i hadn't even realised i was crying, it happens sometimes as i get so down having lost my hubby and missing him so. A woman sat next to me and she gently touched my arm, asking if i was ok.....and handing me a tissue, i thanked her and noticed she was very attractive and had kind eyes. we got talking and i told her thanks and why i was upset. she said she had recently moved to my village and knew no-one hardly, i said "you know me now" and we smiled.we got off together and she invited me for a coffee, i agreed and we went to her house, we took our coffee with us as she showed me around, the place was lovely and i said i adored the bedroom which was so romantic with silks and satins and candles, she said she and her husband spent a lot of time there, then immediately apologised as she noticed my smile disappear, i said i missed my hubby so much and that i we had been the same.she drew me to sit on the side of the bed and stroked my hair, saying how sorry she was, she stroked my shoulders and i closed my eyes as it felt so nice, i was aware of her removing the cup from my hands but did not open my eyes, i felt that something was about to happen and wasn't sure what to do but then i felt her hand cup the back of my neck, caressing and i must have moaned slightly as next i felt her lips on my face, gently kissing my cheek, i moved my head so that our lips met and with that she kissed me deep and her tongue entered my mouth....i returned the kiss......god it felt so good, her hand moved to my breast and squeezed and i felt my nipple harden...i have large breasts and i very sensitive nipples....she stopped briefly and asked if i was ok with this....i couldn't speak so instead just pulled her head back to mine and we kissed again......we were soon fondling each other and pulling at our clothes....i wanted so much to touch her and we were in a frenzy of hands and tongues.....she sucked my nipples as i played with hers, her tits were smaller than mine but firm and i squeezed the nipples hard......suddenly she pushed me back and got between my legs, roughly pulling my panties down as i struggled to help by lifting my hips, her mouth came down onto my pussy and her tongue went straight into me .....i called out as i felt myself cumming and she sucked as i bucked under her, it was amazing and i soon turned her over and slid my fingers into her pussy while i licked and sucked her nipples....she was moaning and writhing around and i went down on her and sucked her flicking my tongue over her clit till i tasted her cum in my mouth.....as we lay breathing heavy the full realisation of what had happened dawned on me.....i sat up suddenly, then i realised just how good it had been, turned smiled and we kissed.