Written by sue

30 May 2004

I had shocked myself by going home with a complete stranger and having lesbian sex, but god i had enjoyed it and viv and i had said we would meet again soon....i was too nervous tho to contact her but a couple of weeks after the first meeting we bumped into each other in the shop...it was instant attraction......i felt my pulse quicken and my pussy quiver just looking at her, we were down one isle of the shop, no-one else was around and she touched my breast lightly.......her pupils were large and she looked at me deeply, i forgot my shopping and she put her basket down and we quickly left the shop together, we almost ran to her house and as soon as we got thru the door i pushed her agaist the wall and ground my body against hers, pushing my tongue deep into her mouth and grabbing both her tits hard....she gasped and it made me even bolder....i undid her blouse and popped her tits out the top of her bra....leaning down i sucked and bit one nipple whilst rubbing the other between my fingers.....she fumbled with my clothes and we hastily undressed each other there in the front hall.....i rubbed her pusy hard and felt how wet she was and we were sucking, rubbing and fingering each other like wild things......viv leant forward onto the stairs and opened her legs real wide with her cute bottom up in the air......i knelt behind her and parted her pussy lips and fingered her then got down low and stuck my tongue deep in her slit........i was knelt with my legs apart and suddenly i felt somone touch my bum.......i shot round, as did viv.......we hadn't heard the door or viv's husband come in.....what a welcome home for him.....we all exchanged glances......he was obviously aroused and wanting to join in......i just looked at him, smiled and presented my bum again as i went back to licking and sucking viv's pussy, i felt him hard against my pussy lips and then he rammed hard into my cunt, fucking me deeply .....viv quickly moved from all fours and started to suck and finger my tits....they were both servicing me good and hard and i was loving it....i came so hard i cried out, just as i felt viv's husband start to cum he pulled out and shot his load over viv's face and my tits.......she licked it all off and we kissed so i tasted his cum in my mouth too.afterwards we all went and lay on the bed, gently caressing and kissing......i now have two new best friends.....and wow do i love it when we meet up in the shop.