Written by Belinda

12 Oct 2004

I could feel my nipples harden and my cunt was on fire just imagining the three of us alone in our cabin. Adel, as we later found out his name, could tease and torment my body as much as he wanted I thought, as I slipped my excited fingers between my fanny lips though my floaty skirt

I had to laugh, but everywhere I went Adel seemed to be there too. Watching me round corners, over deck chairs, there he was! Nick talked to him as he leaned over the boat's rails watching the sun go down and suggested that he visit our cabin in a couple of hours after the fancy dress party. I knew it was now going to happen and smiled back at Nick when he winked at me. The party was great but I couldn't stop thinking of Adel and the fun we were hopefully going to have later.

We hadn't been in the cabin more than a minute or two when Adel was knocking on the door. It was a little awkward at first as the sexual tension between the three of us was incredible! Nick decided to ease it by slipping into the loo leaving Adel and myself alone. He said afterwards he could hear muffled conversation from the cabin but not for long! Adel and I fell into each others arms and as fast as we could removed each others clothes at high speed. Soon our naked bodies entwined as he pushed his enormous and throbbing cock inside me. Nick came into the room and for a second was rooted to the spot just watching us. His prick stood to attention in his shorts as he looked at me now on the long seat by the port hole completely naked with my legs apart as far as they could go. Adel was naked between them fucking me for all he was worth with his bum rising and falling thrusting his big prick into me again and again. As he pulled back on each stroke from my exposed glistening wet cunt, Nick told me later that the expression on my face was pure lust, excitement, pleasure and sheer naughtiness! Our eyes met for a moment and I gave him my come on smile and half dazed with excitement he tore off his clothes and joined us. Grabbing his cock I put it in my mouth as Adel continued to thrust his Egyptian cock into my pussy. It was an amazing feeling being here with two incredible men fucking me on a boat on the Nile full of mainly staid and boring people. If only they knew....

Nick and Adel then picked me up from the seat and took me over to the bed where I lay between them for a few minutes. It wasn't long before their fingers were exploring my body from top to toe. Gently massaging every part of me, hands seemed to be everywhere as I was sucked and kissed all at once. My body throbbed and was so alive and aware of itself as I writhed between their hands. Nick pulled me up and pushed me onto my knees and entered me from behind, my swinging tits swaying over Adel with every thrust. I was quite surprised when Adel put his finger in my cunt whilst Nick was still inside me;it was a completely new sensation and felt divine! Adel certainly knew how to use his prick as he pushed it into me again as Nick collapsed beside me on the bed. Hardly a minute had gone by when Adel roughly turned me onto my back and kissed my lips putting his tongue deeply into my mouth and almost down my throat. I could feel that Nick had moved round in the bed and was playing with my fanny, he gently pushed his tongue deep inside me as I aquirmed deliciously under him. Adel was know kneeling by my face and pushed his cock between my lips. As I sucked him I felt his breath coming in short gasps as I felt him squeezing my nipples. My whole body quivered with uncontrollable desires as both men sent thrills through me. Adel half filled my mouth with his spunk but also covered my face with his wet stickiness. Nick then moved beneath me moving into a 69 position and I spread my legs wide open above his face. I don't know how long we were together and how many times we fucked and came, but it was truly amazing and something that I will never forget. Eventually we all collapsed in a heap and got round to that drink, the reason

Adel had come to our cabin!!

The next day we had one of those early starts, leaving the boat sleeping by the Nile's edge. We disappeared into the desert in open topped jeeps to see some beautiful Coptic cave paintings and tombs. I was half asleep and very much thinking about Adel and wondered whether I would get the chance to be with him again. We returned to the boat and again set sail for pastures new. Nick went off to the pool for a swim and I decided to get a cool drink at the bar. I had just ordered a Pimms, when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder and turning saw Adel who took my hand and gently pulled me down the corridor. My thirst evaporated instantly! We went down a flight of stairs and I recognised the hairdressers in front of me. Adel had a key in his other hand and, looking left and right slipped the key in the lock, opened the door and we both disappeared inside. Pushing the door shut behind us he leaned against it smiling at me and proceeded to lock it again. The room was in half light from the corridor, and I could see his gorgeous sexy smile. He was incredibly good looking with sparkling white teeth and a very strong jaw line. Without doubt he was the sexiest man I had seen since we arrived, and couldn't wait to get my hands on him again!

Smiling at each other in anticipation he came towards me and pushed me back against the wall. I felt his lips on mine and his hand slipped up my "see through" flowered skirt and our bodies moved together as I felt his strong fingers exploring my juicy cunt. He then moved his fingers and played with my bum. I was so slippery that they easily slipped inside and I melted into his arms. I knew that I was soaking wet and wanted him inside me as he pushed me over the hairdressers stool and entered my bum. Undoing my bikini top it fell to the ground. He roughly squeezed my nipples as he thrust into me again and again. He was so big it was quite painful and he definitely touched places inside that were new to me! Adel very gently asked if I was alright and I whispered back yes, because I was putty in his hands. He then started to build up a rhythm as he pushed his prick in and out of me, sometimes harder, sometimes softer. He caressed my bum and then his fingers moved round and into my wet fanny. It was heaven!! Eventually he came and filled me with his spunk and we both sank to the floor. He very tenderly took me in his arms and told me I was wonderful. Burying my head in his chest we lay there for a while not speaking. I was under his spell and was totally bewitched.

Closing my eyes I told myself that this was a moment to remember when I felt his fingers on my clit and my hips started to move again uncontrollably as I ran my fingers up and down his cock. I watched him savour the sensations as my fingers gently played with his balls. My cunt was still very wet from his come and Adel transferred some of the stickiness on to my tits and massaged it into my very hard nipples. It felt fantastic! Then pushing me down I felt his tongue dart inside my pussy and within seconds my back arched and a beautiful orgasm escaped. Adel told me that he could only spare those few minutes but that he would see me later.....

I didn't know how long I been away but went back to the bar and found my drink there waiting for me and greedily drank it down. I had just ordered another when Nick walked in. We downed quite a few more and I told him all about my latest little adventure. It felt so deliciously naughty to be casually chatting to people in the bar with my cunt soaking wet with Adel's spunk! What a lucky girl I was!

There was so many trips and the days were incredibly busy and disappeared so fast and I'm afraid I lost count of how many times Adel fucked me. Sometimes with Nick, sometimes on my own. As soon as I got back on board there he was! I'm sure some of the crew knew about it and maybe covered for him, and I used to get such wicked smiles from some of them. One night I spent most of the night in Adel's cabin although we had to keep fairly quiet because out tour leader was in the next cabin! They were not exactly sound proof but that made it all the more fun and wicked. Adel was an amazing lover and must have had me from every angle and position it was possible to do it in. Sadly lots of time it only lasted for a few minutes before he had to rush off. Towards the end of the fifth day I was totally exhausted and I don't think I had ever had so much sex in so few days. Nick and I were so turned on by it all, and were at it most nights trying out some of the positions I'd learnt from Adel. It was so sad when the last day arrived and the minutes slipped by.

With just a few hours left on board, the packing done, there was no sign of Adel. I looked out at approaching Luxor and was in a world of my own when I saw him standing by an open door calling me over. It was a storage room and it was quite dark and there wasn't much space but it didn't matter. I managed to pull his white shorts down and his cock fell out into my hand. He pushed my head down and I took it hungrily between my lips, thrusting it down my throat. Then slowly pulling back it's whole length I circled my tongue round the tip and sucked it down again. With rhythmical movements I moved my head back and forwards as it throbbed and grew. His salty juices filled my mouth with excitement as I gently licked the barrel and softly cupped his balls. I pushed his prick between my lips and heard him groan as he came, and spurt after spurt of his hot delicious spunk filled my willing mouth. I drank each drop, loving every last second. He then pulled me to my feet and we kissed sharing his juices that had filled my mouth. Falling to his knees, Adel undid the buttons of my shirt and pulled out my breasts and nestled his face between them. His hand moved up my skirt and I wriggled on him as his fingers slipped inside me. My heart was racing as we clung together and his fingers played with my clit until I felt that familiar feeling exploding inside me and I couldn't help but scream out. Then it was over....

Looking at his watch Adel said that we were landing in Luxor in a few minutes and that he had to go. Squeezing my erect nipples for the very last time he looked into my eyes and said how beautiful it all had been and before I knew it he had gone.

After leaving the Nile with a heavy heart we spent another few nights in Luxor before flying home for a rest! I was on such a high that Nick and I made the most wonderful love to each other every time we got the chance. What an amazing holiday it had been and I had another flag to add to my list of randy lovers- "Egypt!!!"

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