Written by Jane

4 May 2004

It started friday nite as soon as sue walked in our house she snogged me and fingered my cunt.Then she got petes cock out and sucked it while i had to suck kens cock.When we got in the living room ken & pete had us on the floor and started fucking us.Sue was said ive been waiting since the swinging party to have your cock back up cunt pete now its up me fuck me hard.Ken was ramming his cock up my cunt so hard that his bollocks were slapping my arse.Sue said thats it ken fuck the filthy bitch harder and when you spunk up her cunt she can sit on my face and i'll lick fucking cunt clean.As soon as ken shot his spunk i sat on her face and it was great having her tongue up my cunt licking the spunk out.Pete shot his load soon after and sue said quick jane get your tongue up my fucking cunt and lick the spunk out of it.Afterwards we all went and had a shower and got ready to go out for a drink.Sue and i both wore skirts that buttoned up the front stockings no bras and knee high boots.We went to a pub with a pool room so ken & pete could have a game and as we were the only ones in there sue and i took our kecks off and kept flashing our cunts at them.