Written by Sara and Matt

13 Mar 2004

It was 2 in the morning when Matt returned from Michelle's dinner party next door. I put on the light to show my bed clothing was badly dishevelled and there were several patches of semen either dry or barely moist on the sheet. Chris had just left to return to his wife Kimberley. What a hell of a lover he was. Such stamina and apparently insatiable. He had fucked me five times. No wonder his penis is bent.

Matt was clearly shagged out. His balled ached, his penis felt chafed and his buttocks were still throbbing from all the humping he had done. He said Michelle could see how tired he was and did not press him for further sex.

I quickly changed the sheets. We lay down and slept as though we had been anaesthetised.

Next day I felt wonderful. I put on my sexiest underwear liking to feel silk brush against my tender vulva and put on the shortest skirt I owned. I wanted to attract the opposite sex on the way to work.

Matt said:

"Don't you find Chris and Kimberley too demanding, too overpowering?"

To appease him I agreed not letting him know about the wonderful pounding Chris had given me last night. I said:

"What about contacting the Fulham couple who were keen on meeting us. Their expectations don't sound to be too excessive."

"You mean the teachers. OK I'll drop them an e-mail on my lap-top and transmit it at work."

That evening Matt accessing their reply arranged a meeting for the following night in a pub local to us.

They were Emma and Paul. Both in their late 20's and looking very tired from their day's grind in a mixed comprehensive.

Emma was fair and had a permed frizzy hairstyle, light hazel eyes, alovely bow-shaped mouth and trim sized 12 figure. Under her coat she wore an embroidered 'T' top that showed her upper curves and a pair of kickflare tousers that clung tightly to her firm bum.

Paul was about 5foot 8 inches, slightly overweight with his brown hair carefully combed to cover an incipient baldness. He had cheeky eyes and was quick with the repartee. He wasted no time in observing my salient features.

After a few drinks they told us about their one and only swinging experience. Emma said the couple were both on the fat side. He was a builder and she a hair-dresser. They had no children, something to do with his low sperm count.

Anyway after a short chat they retired to seperate bedrooms. The man had a huge thick cock which Emma said frightened the life out of her for she had a tight vagina. He did not indulge in any foreplay but thrust Emma's legs open and tried to penetrate. Emma said she was so dry and unaroused. There was no way he could enter her. He said "Shit" and lost his erection. There was no amount of coaxing and massaging could bring it back.

Paul said the woman had great big drooping breasts and a very hairy vulva. He pushed two fingers into her to find she had smothered her fanny in vaseline, something she had to do apparently to accommodate her husbands enormous tool. He entered her without touching the sides. Paul said it was like trying to fuck the Rotherhithe tunnel. They thrashed around for what seemed an eternity but neither of them climaxed. She needed the man to ejaculate to bring herself off. He dismounted being called a "useless fucker" as he did so. Her man then stormed in to say they were going home. It was still before midnight.

Paul was charming and very entertaining with his anecdotes about the pupils and other teachers at his school. When coming to his punch-lines he leaned forward and touched me firmly on my unstockinged knee, tracing a finger gently towards my pants.

Matt was also progressing with Emma. Although tired and old looking when she arrived her face was now wreathed in smiles and she seemed much younger.

We agreed to meet on Saturday at a health club they were members of in Fulham.

The club was very exclusive. We swam in the small pool with no-one else around. When Paul was standing by the edge I accidentally on purpose pushed my bum into his costume. He responded immediately. Soon we were kissing. My hand in his costume his fingers rubbing my clit. Emma and Matt had reached a similar state. We got out removed our costumes and got into the adjacent jacuzzi. The warm buubling water became a frothing whirlpool as we both copulated there. We climaxed, the surface became calm to reveal patches of sperm floating.

Later that day the four of us were in their Fulham house both of us girls being shagged doggy style by our man friends. God knows what the neighbours made of the whooping noises we were making. Emma and I even tried woman to woman each licking the others cunt still overflowing with the honeyed nectar of the mens cum.

We arranged to meet at our house the following Saturday where I intend to invite Mike and Michelle our American neighbours.