Written by Jim

6 Sep 2008

Anne my wife and Jane had been friends many years and it was they that introduced Gordon and I. We became quite good friends and were often out as a foursome. Anne died 5 years ago this November but Jane and Gordon have been a great support for me over the years....real friends.

The four of us had always had a good line in banter between ourselves and after Annes death that had not changed, we all enjoyed a good laugh. Last winter we had all gone to a dinner dance, Jane and I had had a few drinks and Gordon was driving so had been on soft drinks all night. After being on the road for about 10 mins Jane announces she needs a pee, Gordon had better stop, it was quite urgent. Five miles up the road we came upon a lay by which was empty and Gordon pulled in. Now for a lady of her size Jane was out the car like that bloke Dwain Chambers, but the bank of grass was steeper than she could see in the dark and with the wet grass she couldnt get a good grip so Gordon gets out of the car and goes to help her up the bank. Next thing I hear is Gordon calling for my help so I get out of the passenger seat and find them just the other side of the bank.

You would not believe the state of the two of them, Jane was squat down facing the bank (uphill) and Gordon at the back of her and downhill had his arms under hers. Although he had stablized the situation Gordon did not have the strength to lift her up, had she been facing downhill it would have been easy but with her looking at me at the top of the bank there was no way they were moving. I on the other hand was getting a view of her wet pussy albeit in the dark. There were a few fine words spoken I can tell you, and as I went down to them Jane handed me the tissue in her hand and told me to wipe her dry. Well its not the sort of thing I`d done since our daughter was 4 or 5 but I did my best, anyway we managed to get her up to her feet and as she pulled her knickers up found that she must have peed directly on them becauae they were soaked. She took them and her tights off and got back to the car as Gordon and I were still laughing at her. We got back in the car again and were off. After another half hour Jane needs another pee. Gordons a bit pissed off now because we are in town and there are no lay-bys. Anyway, he goes up this side street and spots a passage at the back of some shops and Jane makes for darkness. Gordon tells me to make sure she is OK while he parks the car. When I reach Jane she is already in full flow and beyond care. Adjusting her dress as she got up she asked me if I had seen everything I wanted and I just said almost joking that a look at her tits would make it complete. And, with that she pops them out, and I move closer to get a better view.

I told her that Gordon was parking the car and would be back soon, "no he wont" she replied and said I could touch them if I wanted. It had been four years since I had felt any tit and I quickly teased them fully out of her bra without thinking of Gordon. What followed was five minutes of total lust. I pulled her dress up and she parted her legs encouraging me to slip my fingers in her hole whilst nibbling her nipples. I found both her holes and she complained not when I slipped my finger into her bum....and then returned to her tits now without any support. I knew Gordon would not be long but she just laughed and said he knew what we were doing and I had been set up.

After another ten minutes or so we went back to the lane and Gordon was sitting in the car waiting for us. I handed him his wifes Bra and said that she had a problem with her underwear, he put his hand up her dress and finding her wet said that I had made her very wet. We got back to their place after another ten minutes in the car and Gordon went to make a cup of tea....Jane sat next to me on the sofa and put her hands where my cock was dormant. "Ive shown you mine...." she said. Well frankly I`d had a few minutes to think things through...yes I was more than interested but not as a one off, and not if it was going to spoil our friendship. I told her so and she said no one was saying it was a one off, feeling I was on roll I pushed it saying I wanted everything every week. She got up took off her dress and stood naked....I had got my answer. Gordon returned with the tea tray to find my face embeded in his wife pubic hair.