Written by Tanned21

10 Oct 2004

Compared to most of the stories here this will be pretty straight, but I'm going to tell it all the same!

Last night I went to town with a few mates, well 4 guys actually, we are all 22 and all have girlfriends and are generally well behaved. Anyway, by about 12.30 two of the guys had had enough so headed home, leaving just the two of us here. I went to get another round in at the bar and got chatting with an older lady who introduced herself as Charlie. It turns out she is 36 and married, I won't say she was a complete stunner, she was more than respectable though and had a great figure and very long brown hair. SHe was tall, about 5ft9 and very shapely, I'd guess at a size 14 and (as I discovered later) nice round 36F breasts and a very nice big round arse.

Well, we chatted, and before I knew it I'd forgotten about the drinks and my mate had texted me to say 'it seems your busy I am heading home, behave!'

After some more chatting we had a dance, nothing out of the ordinary, but I was getting hard as she rubbed against me and I knew she could feel me pushing into her arse as she leaned harder into me. The next thing I knew she'd turned round and was kissing me. I pulled away, appologised and said I had a girlfriend and should not do this as someone I know may see me. She understood and said that maybe we should leave and go somewhere noone knew us. I was unsure, but could not resist the charms of this gorgeous and sexy older woman. We left and went outside, and she grabbed a taxi and beconed me in, how could I refuse.She told the driver an address and we chatted on the way home, I won't say we fondled and kissed, we didn't.

We got to her house and she said to come in for a coffee and chat, I asked about ehr husband, she said he was away for the week on business.

The chat turned to sex, she asked about my girlfriend etc, and I asked about her husband. She said she had never cheated on him and they had a good sex life. She then stood up and asked if I found her attractive as she did a little twirl, what could I say "very".

With that she undid her skirt, it dropped to the floor and pulled her top over her head, she was stood there in just a tiny red thong and bra set, my god, my cock shot up and she said, how about this? She moved over to me and straddled me on the couch and began to grind herself on my bulge. We kissed passionately and my hands were soon all over her gorgeous arse and then inside her thong, gently rubbing her now soacking smooth pussy. God, she was shaven smooth with the smallest little strip, my girlfiend will never shave like that for me. I had to have it, so I rolled her off me on to the couch and opened her legs and burried my face between them, pushing her thong aside. As I fingered her pussy and licked around my fingers into her hole, nibbling and licking her clit she writhed around on the chair moaning hard, and then let out a yelp "I'm cumming Ohhhhhh". It was too mcuh for me, I thought my cock was going to explode and she pulled me up and took off my jean and almost ripped my t-shirt off I was now straddling her as she went down to suck my cock, my god she was incredible, she sucked and sucked, after a while I announced I was going to cum, she stopped, ripped of her bra unleashing those gorgeous huge breasts and said spray on these as she jacked me to finish. I sprayed a huge load all over her tits and neck and chin and she just smiled and then began to lick it off her breasts, how erotic, my cock stayed as hard as a rod!!!

From there she layed back and opened her legs inviting me in, I slowly pushed inside her tight hot hole - heaven!

From there we fucked for about an hour all over her lounge, in numerous positions, she screamd and moaned like I had never heard before, making me cum another 4 times!!!!!She even asked me to taker her arse, which I have enever done before which was incredible, so tight and she screamed so loud.Well it was an incredible evening and we are now going to meet up when her husband is away again! I can't wait to get hold of those breasts again, they were so incredible, next time a good titfuck I think!