Written by 4playinc

22 Jan 2005

After 25 yrs of being together you tend to know your partner inside out, this includes their turn on/ off points, so trying to spice things up can be a tricky business, there is a fine balance between being seen as romantic or what aren’t I enough for you figuratively speaking.

I do, like most men want a f/f/m fantasy or I’ll settle for a m/m/f to get spice going, whereas my wife is contented with us as is.

Two weeks ago she went out to a show with her work mates and I was to pick her up at 11pm. I put her favourite vibrator in my pocket; an 8” bright pink jelly beast which I’m sure the neighbours can hear buzz (only she screams too loud so that’s okay then)

I waited in the warm car hoping she was in the mood for adventurous play that alone can give a man a buzz, mental planning and different scenarios. A 10” vibe in my pocket and 7” hard on wanting to be released, she was in for fun tonight.

As soon as the car door opened, the warmth of the inside forced her coat off, allowing me to see her black low cut blouse, and short skirt, a quick kiss and off I drove onto the motorway.

My hand reached across to her inside thigh and slowly massaged her leg, getting higher and nearer her honey pot , touching her silk panties briefly now and then, I could see by her eyes closing that the relaxing desired effect was working, the murmurs were getting louder as I pushed me fingers under her knickers, feeling her wetness start to seep through, harder I played, flicking the boatman as the chance came, Not saying a word, I tug her knickers (a subtle hint) allowing her to lift her bum off the seat just enough to remove them on her own.

I tell her to play with herself for a while as I have to change gear and I love watching, her moans were getting louder and the slop- slop sound was present with every dip of her fingers, her skirt was no more a hindrance allowing full view of her shaven haven.

I want your cock she says, I pulled out the vibe and she laughs as she grabs it and sinks it in to the hilt, by now her mind is in over drive as her legs go onto the parcel shelf, knees up in the air and vibe buzzing, traffic slowed almost to a halt as a hold up further down the road caused me to concentrate on the driving. Cars couldn’t see her having fun but the lorry next to us sure got a bird’s eye view of the pink vibe disappearing up her love tunnel. I pushed the electric window button allowing her window to open a crack, the vibe buzzing sounded like a hammer drill as it echoed in the car, the slop~ slop sound of her juicy fanny and her moans as she allowed her full screams out as an orgasm hit wave after wave.

She sat quiet for a while, eyes closed. Basking in her own afterglow. The lorry driver flashed his lights to me in a thank you salute. And I have the best traffic jam memory I could wish for.

When we got home, I was given a wondrous blow job to completion.

I am still after the f/f/m fantasy, and hope one day I’ll win her over but till then I will think up new /different methods of spicing up our love lives.