Written by countryboy

3 Nov 2007

I've been reading all this stuff and I honestly wonder if it is real.

So I thought I would put truthful one on here. Its up to you if you believe it.

In my younger days, my early twenties to be precise, I used to live and work on a large country estate.

Part of the job during the winter months was helping out with the local hunt. I never rode a horse, it didn't really appeal, but I used to go down to where all the vehicles were parked to make sure no sabs got near them.

I turned up and helped guide the various wagons and trailers into place.

One thing about the hunt is that there are some seriously attractive women who go. Some very posh but not all of them, and lets face it most women look good in jodphurs!

Anyway, I was sat there in my Landrover watching them all get ready, thinking how nice it would be to be a saddle( think about it!). They all set off, and I sat back to have a fag and quick read through a porn mag I had picked up.

About an hour later, I heard a horse come into the yard, being walked by one of the women who had gone out earlier. She was quite good looking, early 30's and quite a trim figure.

I knew the main lot weren't due back for at least another hour, so I got out to see if everything was alright.

I asked her "You OK love?"

"Don't love me! The bloody horse threw me off. Get my lorry open"

Snotty bitch! So I got the ramp down, and took the horse from her and led him up into the truck.

I thought it would be good fun to wind her up a bit, so I said "Excuse me, but you've got a really dirty arse"

"What did you say?"

"You've got a right dirty arse, and there is mud on it as well.You need to get them off, or they'll stain"

"You are very rude"

"You're right, but at least I have manners and I wear underwear" I'd noticed that there was no knicker line showing, mind you from what I had been told,most women don't wear undies when hunting for that reason.

She tried to ignore me, but I stayed in the box with her and thought it see how much I could get out of it and said "why is it that so many women go riding? I'd heard it was because of the movement. Is that right?"

She didn't say anything, but just went bright red.

"Thats it isn't it? Does your husband ride often, a horse I mean?"

"Yes, but he is away"

"Oh dear, all fired up and he's away. What a shame"

She sat down on a hay bale and asked me to take her boot off.

So I took hold of her foot and pulled the boot off, and held her foot in my lap just near my groin and started to rub her foot.

I thought she would pull it away, but to my surprise she didn't. So I pulled her foot forward and held it against my dick, that was now starting to stiffen.

I said "You must get very hot and sweaty on that horse"

"Yes, I do"

"Lucky horse"

I started to rub her leg and suggested that I should check her over in case of injuries.

I told her stand up and turn round.She did and I took hold of the waist band of her jods and slowly pulled them down over her very tight arse,down to her ankles. I was right. No panties.

"Bend over and see if your back hurts"

She bent over and put her hands on the hay bale. I knelt down behind her.

Now, one of the best sites you can ever see is a womans arse when she is bent over, and here was one!

I leaned forward and said " I think you need a bit of a massage",and slid a finger into her hot sweaty cunt and started to finger fuck her.

She was giving out these little moans as I took my finger out and circled her clit.

I then put my face into her arse and started to lick her out, holding her arse cheeks apart to get my tongue right in.

After a few minutes of slow but hard licking I stood up and unzipped my jeans.

My prick felt like it was throbbing, as I took hold of this stuck up womans hips and pushed my cock deep into her. She moaned and said in a posh husky voice, "Fuck me really hard, really fucking hard, fill my cunt up"

So not to disapoint the lady, she got what she asked for and got a very hard fucking from behind.

"Is that you want, love?"

"Fuck me, fucking stretch me, smack my arse you fucking dirty cunt"

She liked it a bit rough. I took hold of the bun of hair on the back of her head and gave it a little pull and slapped her arse hard,so she had big hand prints on it.

She was getting louder and louder, telling me I was a fucking bastard.

She got tight and almost screamed out when she came, really pushing back against me.

I started to tense up, and she said "Not in me, don't cum in me. On my face!"

I pulled out of her and she sat down on the bale and started to suck me hard.

I looked down at this very posh looking lass, still in all her riding gear, apart from what was round her ankles, with my cock in her face.

I was now so close to spunking; she must have felt it and took my cock out of her mouth and finished me off by hand. I felt it spurt and watched as globs of my spunk splashed all over her face, hair and into her mouth, which she then swallowed.

I had a couple of spurts left which went over her nice jacket, and then I stood back she got up, pulled her jods up, got a towel and mopped up.

She then said that I had better go out as the rest of the hunt were due back.

So off I went, feeling a lot better and watched as she did her horse stuff.

Was it a one off? Was it hell! The bitch went and told all her hunting mates and for the rest of the season, I was fucking another lady hunter in the back of a horse lorry each meet.They all came back with some excuse about horses going lame or falling or tripping. Share it around!

The youngest I had was 23 and the eldest 50. She was a game lass and a right dirty fuck.

The best bit was being invited along to the Hunt Ball and seeing all these women with their husbands, and thinking "I've screwed your wife" or "I've spunked over your wife's tits/arse/cunt"

Fucking ace!

Ban country sports? No way.