Written by Danny

27 Apr 2005

I thought I would tell of you something that happened on a recent holiday to Tenerife. Me and my wife, Katie, are both 36, and this was our first 'beach' holiday without the kids, for about 14 years...so obviously, there was a lot of fucking going on, and a lot of wandering around the apartment naked and stuff.

Anyway, one morning, at about 9.30, Katie went into the bathroom to have a shower, leaving me wandering around the apartment, bollock naked, sporting my morning erection. Next thing there is a knock at the door, and some foreign voice that I couldn't understand. I didn't know what to do, I was rushing around looking for a towel or some underpants, when the door suddenly opened and I am stood face to face with a young maid holding some clean towels, and staring, open mouthed, at my very hard cock.

I attempted to apologise, but it was quite plain that this young girl, who was no more than 19, did not understand a word of english. I fully expected her to rush from our room, but instead, she walked towards me and ever so slowly began to stroke my cock. I tried to tell her that my wife was in the bathroom, but she just smiled and continued to run her fingers around my cock.

I was at this point, unsurprisingly, very turned on. My already hard cock was as hard as granite, and when she dropped to her knees and began to kiss and lick my cock, I had to use all my restraint from firing my sperm all over her.

Suddenly, she stood up and led me to my bedroom, where she lifted off her dowdy, unattractive maid's outfit and revealed a gorgeous smooth body, with only a flowery bra and panties set hiding her nakedness. I stepped forward and kissed her on the lips and she reponded by sticking her tongue in my mouth and stroking my arse. I pulled down the cups of her bra and began to kiss and bite her nipples, which were all hard and very prominent as she only had little tits. She was moaning quite loudly as I played with her tits, and she made even more noise when I pushed one of my fingers into her pussy. I slid to my knees and dragged her knickers off and then began to kiss all around her cunt. She had a very hairy cunt, and this made a great change as Katie always keeps her shaven. I didn't mind the hair though and I took great pleasure in pulling her legs apart and licking her cunt.

I suddenly realised that Katie would be finished in the shower soon, and so I stopped licking the maid's cunt and stood up, placing my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She suddenly looked quite nervous, and on attempting to push my cock in her I could feel why....she was very tight and obviously, if not a virgin, then she was very inexperienced. I leant forward and kissed her, reassuring her, but even so when i pushed my cock in all the way she let out an enormous scream. She wrapped her legs tightly around my waist as I thrust into her, all the time, whispering, sexily, in Spanish. This was a dream come true, a young fit Latino girl taking my 6 inches, when suddenly Katie walked into the room, confronted with the sight of my arse pounding away into the body of this gorgeous girl. Whether it was because of the sun or what, I don't know, but Katie, my normally reserved, and quite possesive wife, just sat herself next to us and began to kiss the maid, full on the lips. This was almost too much, and so I removed my cock from her cunt to try and recover my composure. I then watched the two girls kissing and feeling each other's tits while I slowly wanked, and when Katie got in a position where her arse was in the air, I couldn't resist but to ram my cock into her bum. After all the fun, this was not going to last long, and almost immediately I felt my balls tighten and my sperm well up in my cock. Usually Katie makes me take my cock out of her arse, but on this occasion we were so horny I just shot my load deep into her arse.

When I had finished cumming, we all cleaned up and the maid smiled shyly and thanked us and left. I tried to explain to Katie what had happened but she just told me to keep quiet, smiling, telling me that I owed her one......and next day, she certainly got her own back...I'll tell you more soon......as for the maid??....we never saw her again.