Written by DAVE&MARY

9 Apr 2004

My husband introduced me to the dogging scene last year. At the age of 50 and a bit more round than i was i wasn,t sure if the men at some of the parties we attended would have Given me one if they had the chance?He said they would and said he could prove it if I fancied a BIT of a thrill? We did the rounds of the charity shops and bought a 3/4 length fur coat for six pounds.afurther five pounds secured a red lycra teddy body to cover my tummy. some crotchless fishnet tights and high heeled ankle booties completed my wardrobe.I am a size 14 and have blonde hair,my large breasts are a bit saggy now but boy do they get some attention? Our latest night out was tuesday last week, we drove to a picnic area in durham and there was a young lad of about 30 sitting in his car and we parked alongside him. We had been sat playing about 4 minutes and I was dead excited when we put our inside light on and off.The two men got out of the cars and came round to my door, my husband helped me out into the dark and introduced me to the lad.He was dead keen,I felt his jeans to see how big he was and was impressed enough when he stated to get it out,it was a nice 6.5" and was standing rigid with a nice shaped end. my husband stood back and was standing wanking himself and watched as the lad opened my fur coat and felt my tits.I really like a stiff cock and this one was good and rigid.It was twitching in my hand as i pulled away at it and his hands were up my coat and feeling my ample cheeks.I bent down to suck his end and he was rocking in and out of my mouth gently. I was getting horny,I could see my hubby watching the lads enjoyment,the lad stood me up and indicated i should bend over the bonnet of our car.I did as he wanted and offered him my rear to play with.I felt his cock enter my cheeks and when it started sliding up and down my swollen clit I could feel my hips go all tingley and knew i was going to cum.I told him to put a condom on and he could give me one (we carry them)but i felt like taking him anyway,i was cumming,but the wait was worth it.He entered me as hard and rampantly as a excited young man does and the waves of pleasure shook my body from head to toe.My husband was coming as well and shot his ribbons of spunk all over my back,the young lad took the condom off and wanked himself off all over my backside encouraged by us both and thanked us for a good fuck,we thanked him and drove home and back to normal for a while.