Written by starfighterpilot64@hotmail.com

4 Jun 2005


I posted the story of my first (decent) meet off here quite a while back, and since then I have had the fortune to have a few more from here.

I'm a slim 22 year old guy, not particularly good looking, or hung like a donkey - as a lot of the guys claim to be in these stories (I know some of them are 'fantasies' but lets be honest people!!)but I manage to get my end away every now and again.

Our first meet was in our cars, in the early evening about 15 months ago. Ed didn't have a great cock, but I still enjoyed sucking it and pulling him off, before he wanked himself to completion while I squeezed his arse.

After that, we contacted each other again towards the end of last summer, but this time agreed to meet at his, which isn't too far from me. I was, understandably, nervous about this, but also very horny! This first time was over with quite quickly, as we sucked and wanked each other in his spare room, before my come squirted all over one of the walls (oops!). Ed's a fair bit older than me (late 40s) and therefore a lot more experienced (some of the stories!) and I think likes having a novice to take charge of. But this didn't deter me, and went back again before Christmas.

It had been a while since I'd had any action and was feeling extremely horny. This time it was about half 8 when I got there, and Ed put on a straight porn film which was a bit dated, but did its job! After a little while Ed's hand finds its way on to my gradually growing cock packed into my jeans. I continue to watch the porno as he rubs it and undoes my jeans til my cock flops out and he eventually gets it to full hardness and starts stroking. I've now got into the habit of wanting to satisfy the other guy first before I shoot my load, so I got up off the sofa and onto my knees where I knelt in front of Ed and got his cock out from his trousers as he stayed seated. I worked his balls (which he likes) and set my tongue onto his bellend, before getting up a good motion with my lips as I slid uup and down his shaft.

Before too long, Ed was desperate to get his hands (and lips) onto my aching cock, and he told me to strip and get on the floor. As I did this, he watched and slowly wanked his cock, which had mine twitching, before derobing as well. We both lay on the floor, before he told me that he wanted a 69. This was gonna be my first bi 69, but I was really up for it and as he lay back, i got on all fours above him and he grabbed my cock and started sucking it and massaging my balls. I continued to do the same to his cock, but after a good ten minutes of wanking and sucking I couldn't hold on any longer, and Ed wanked me to a climax as I spurted come all over his chest and belly.

It was left to Ed to come now, and he got me to take his cock as deep as I could take it, telling me what to do, before he tugged his cock off all over my hairy chest.

That was the best bi experience I've had, but am looking to try new cocks all the time. Looking forward to finding a CD or TV to have fun with, so fingers crossed folks.

I am in the SE London/N Kent area, and if you like the sound of that or fancy broadening my experiences, drop me a line!