Written by Gail and Greg

20 Aug 2004

We have been talking about last week at Ainsdale all week, and it has had us both horny all week. I have never known my pussy to be so wet, once or twice I have had to take my panties off at work because they have become so wet and Greg seems to have a permanent hard on.

On Wednesday this week Greg contacted the guy we met on the dunes at Ainsdale to arrange a meeting. When I got in from work Greg told me that he had arranged a meeting for Friday (we both had Friday off) with the guy off the dunes, his name is Steve, we never got around to exchanging names last week. The only problem was Steve wanted to bring his mate with him (the one he was playing pool with in the pub). I was a bit unsure and said as much to Greg, he told me that it was up to me and if I wanted to stop the meeting I only had to say so and he would phone Steve up. Secretly the thought of two young guys had my juices flowing and had me as horny as hell. Not wanting to seem too eager I told Greg I would sleep on it (not that I got much sleep as Greg spent most of the night fucking me).

Before I left for work on Thursday I told Greg to phone Steve to tell him Friday was ok. I couldn't keep my mind on my work on Thursday in anticipation of what would happen on Friday. At dinner I did a bit of shopping and found myself looking at sexy underwear. I bought a nice black teddy with attached suspenders with matching black thong.

We got up this morning and again Greg could not keep his hands off of me, I started to get ready at about 11 o'clock Steve and his mate were due to call at about 1 o'clock.

I showered and dressed in the teddy thong and black stockings that I had bought yesterday, over which I slipped on my black see through full-length negligee. Greg said I looked stunning and he took a couple of photos of me. Then it happened Greg's mobile rang, my heart sunk I thought it was Steve phoning to tell us something had cropped up and he couldn't make it. It was Greg's boss asking him to go out to a customer urgently as his whole computer network had crashed and they needed a technician, as all the other technicians were working Greg had to attend (that's part of the agreement that allows him a day off in the week) Greg had to go out. Greg said he would phone Steve and tell him the meeting was off. I told Greg not to do that and to go do the job and get back as soon as possible I would explain to Steve. Greg said ok if I felt sure and he would be back as soon as possible. I kissed him and he left. It was now quarter to one. I decided to open a bottle of wine and have a glass.

I was sat in the front room sipping my wine when Steve pulled up in his car. My legs started to shake and my whole body seemed weak had I done the right thing, here I was meeting two young guys in a sexy outfit. The bell rang and I had a moments hesitation should I or shouldn't I with a deep breath I opened the door. Fuck me Steves mate said, as he looked me up and down, I told you she was sexy said Steve. I ushered them into the lounge and they both sat opposite me, Steve asked me where was Greg, I told them he had to go out. I offered them a glass of wine, which they accepted. We entered into small talk, not knowing how to start things off. Steve said his mate was called Dave and he had told him what we had got up to in the dunes. I was now sitting facing them both, my legs slightly open.

Steve told me he wanted to see my shaved cunt again and asked me to pull my thong to one side. He seemed to be more confident knowing Greg wasn't around. I opened my legs, pulled my thong to one side and said, is it as good as you remember from last week. He was on me like a flash, pushing my knees apart and burring his head between my thighs licking my very wet pussy.

Dave came across and started to pawing at my tits, tugging them out of my teddy to get at my nipples. God I was in heaven. I grabbed Dave's cock through his jeans before I managed to open his fly. I managed to release his cock from his jeans and started to suck him, fucking hell Dave said she loves cock, Steve didn't reply his mouth was busy on my pussy, his finger was probing my arsehole I was loving it.

I am going to fuck you said Steve as he got up from between my legs and stripped off. Dave was trying to get his cloths of whilst I was sucking him. Steve told me to get on all fours and to suck Dave whilst he fucked me. I did as asked Dave was sat in the corner of the couch; I was on all fours sucking Dave with my arse in the air whilst Steve got behind me. I felt his cock rubbing up against my clit along my pussy and to my arse hole. I tried to tell him to put a condom on but my mouth was full of Dave's cock, with one push Steve's cock was in me, and it felt so good.

This dirty bitch is hot for cock and so wet said Steve as he rammed his cock into me. Do you want my spunk Steve said, all I could do was groan and give a muffled yes as I had my mouth full of Dave's cock. I was squeezing his balls and sucking him in as Steve thrust into me. I felt Dave's cock start to twitch as he was about to come, I couldn't pull away even if I wanted to as he had his hands behind my head pulling me onto his cock. He erupted deep into my mouth hot jets of spunk deep into the back of my throat mmmmm very nice I swallowed every drop. I kept sucking even though he tried to pull away as he started to go soft. Dave gripped my hips and yelled he was coming too he emptied his balls deep into my cunt. I felt every spurt of his spunk deep into my cunt; he fell on top of me.

Steve fell to the floor and Dave was sat in the corner of the couch I was at the other end, my tits were out of my teddy my suspenders had become detached from my stockings, my thong was to one side of my cunt that was oozing spunk and pussy juice with my legs open. I was on the verge of coming but as young guys often do their need was greater. I started to play with my spunk filled pussy in front of the guys hopping they would get hard again and fuck me. Look at the dirty cow she's playing with herself said Dave. Watch and be quiet I said as I plunged a couple of fingers into my cunt feeling the mix of pussy juice and spunk on my fingers. Steve shuffled up to me and said here use this and give us a proper show, he handed me the empty wine bottle. Again I wasn't sure if it was nerves or excitement but I took hold of the bottle and slipped it into my pussy, It felt cold and hard but I needed fucking and I started to fuck myself in front of these two young guy's. I couldn't hold out any longer I had to come, I was very noisy calling them worthless pricks and I came. It was very intense the guys just sat there spell bound for about a minuet until I had finished coming

When we had recovered I got up and went upstairs to the toilet. As I was sat on the loo having a pee Steve opened the door, he stood there watching me. I dried myself off looking at Steve. I smiled at him grabbed hold of his hand and led him into the bedroom, Dave followed us into the bedroom and joined us on the bed, they both started to squeeze my tits and tweak my nipples as though the were trying to tune in an old radio. I told them to take it easy with my nipples, with that they started to play with my pussy taking it in turns to push as many of their fingers into me as possible I told them that they needed to concentrate on my clit and that I would love someone to lick me out.

Steve dived at the chance and started to lick around my pussy and nibbling on my clit. I felt Steve's finger at my arsehole. Do you like that he asked, yes push a little deeper. He started to push his finger into my arse. It felt good, so good that I wanted to be fucked in the arse. I told Dave to get the baby oil from the dresser and told him to help Steve to lubricate my arse hole. I was on my knees holding onto the headboard as both Dave and Steve started to work on my cunt and arsehole.

I grabbed hold of Steve's cock and told him to fill my hand with baby oil. I massaged the oil into his cock, when he was nice and slippery I told him I wanted him to fuck my arsehole whilst Dave was underneath me fucking my cunt. Dave manoeuvred himself into position and put the tip of his cock onto the entrance of my cunt, Steve got behind me and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of my arsehole.

I told them both to take it easy and to push. All I could feel was Steve's cock pushing at the rim of my arsehole, I felt as though I was being torn apart but strangely wanting him to push deeper. Then all of a sudden he was in and so was Dave. Both were deep into me I was biting into Dave's shoulder. They both started to fuck me, I tried to keep the rhythm even but couldn't I was enjoying it too much to concentrate.

I felt the orgasm building and building and all of a sudden it was on me I was bucking and squeezing with both my cunt muscles and my arsehole, I squeezed that much that Dave fell out of my cunt, but then he rammed it back in, he came again filling my cunt with his spunk, I was still being arse fucked and I wanted Dave's cock in my mouth. I managed to shuffle my self down to his cock and greedily sucked him deep into my mouth I could taste spunk and pussy juice on his cock as I got the last dribbles of his spunk, he tasted gorgeous. Steve let out a shriek and shot his spunk deep into my arsehole, he seemed to shoot load after load into me, this tipped me over the edge and I came again calling Steve all the names under the sun. That was it the guy's were done for and I was starting to feel the effects.

It was now about 6 o'clock and they said they had to get back home. We went back down stairs where they got dressed. I made them a cup of tea and we chatted for a while. They told me I was the horniest woman they had ever met and they would love to do it again, I agreed and told them that we would arrange it. I saw them to the door and they both gave me a kiss and one last grope of my tits and pussy and they were gone.

Greg phoned to tell me he had been given tickets to tonight's rugby game (Wigan and Saints) and would be back later. He wanted to know how it had gone and I told him I would post the story on here for him to read.