Written by poppytin

17 Jan 2007

Have been swinging for a while now, and one of my buddies wrote what he wanted to do with me.Do you think I should agree?

I have arranged to meet you in a hotel some where, it is a pleasant place not to cheap but by no means a palace? We have a few drinks to relax and I tell you what is planned, you are as ever worried at being so sexually blatant but the drink and your desire to let your sexual side free allow me to take control.

We take the lift to the room, it is large and pleasant and you feel relaxed. I tell you to undress and put on the red suspenders and stocking which are on the bed. You obey, very soon you are stood in front of me your tits and cunt on view for inspection. I feel your tits, squeezing them before running my tongue over your nipples. My fingers slip in your cunt, which is moist and eager. Lay on the bed I order, as I walk over to a suitcase on a low coffee table close to the bed, you eagily comply. From the suitcase I produce soft leather straps, your eyes light up in anticipation of being secured. The bed has convenient legs to which I can attach the strap's and I secure your arms and legs wide and take a step back to admire my handy work. Yes, the stockings and suspenders compliment the straps, I once again have a little feel of your tits and cunt just to raise your anticipation, I am not disappointed, I can tell you are up for fun. I turn the suitcase to face you,

it has an impressive array of vibrators from small to large, soft and thick to ribbed. You half heartily protest, but your eyes betray the truth. Finally I produce a blind fold and place it over your eyes. I run my tongue over your body licking and sucking your tits and nipples, down your stomach and along the side of your hips. I Tease your cunt, flicking my tongue over your clit. Yes, you are enjoying it, your breathing is shallow and you try to force your cunt onto my tongue but I do not want you to aroused. I whisper in your ear that i am going to play a game, I place a vibrator in your cunt which easily accepts it, it is smooth, hard and an average size. I tell you to use your senses and picture it, To picture it's size and texture. I slip it out and replace it with one of a similar size, but this one is soft and ribbed. Once again I tell you to imagine it but ad that you must describe it to me, you obey and the thought fixes it in your mind. I repeat this with a number of them and successfully describe there feel. I test you by inserting one deep in you, Tell me I say which is it, you stumble for a moment then say it is large, thicker than most, not rigid but stiff. Well, done I reply and slip my cock in you and then remove it, that is your reward for being right. I can tell that not only is this exciting your imagination but also your cunt and you are close to orgasming but I want to ensure your ready for the final part of the game and I need to be sure that you will not falter, I tease you a little more to ensure your mind is willing to comply with your bodies desire. I whisper in your ear the final part of the game, four men are ready and waiting each will have a vibrator. They will each take in turn to use there vibrator and if you guess correctly they will then fuck you, should you fail to guess the next man uses his vibrator.

You tense and strain at your bonds, panic momentarily grips your body as you realise you cannot stop the game now. This is comforting and you tell your self you can do nothing and it is not your fault, the thought liberates your mind from the responsibility and your body is free to enjoy itself. I can sense your surrender and quickly usher in the men from the next room. They gather round in silence, you can feel there eyes running over your body invading every part, this only adds to your excitement.