Written by anon

14 Sep 2006

me and the wife was playing out our usual fantasy her handcuffed to the bed blindfolded!who would you let fuck you now i ask? steve she replied,my mate who was going to france to live in a couple of days.i was feeling her wet fanny when i heard someone knock on the door.

my wife was enjoying herself to much to notice.

she said where are you going, just to get steve i replied.

oh ye that would be nice! she thought i was joking.

i opened the front door and there was steve, shh i said, the wife is upstairs handcuffed to the bed and blindfolded.

ok i'll come back later.i said are you sure you don't want a going away pressi.

are you sure he ask, come on, but be dead quite.

we stood at the bedroom door when i ask her are you ready for steve whilst feeling her soaking fanny.

yeh bring him on still thinking i was joking.

steve stood there really quite he took out his cock and went stright for her fanny.

i had the cam out making a special movie.

fuck me steve harder, he sure did before spunking inside her. he then shook my hand then left quietly.

i continued where he left off.

my wife was really enjoying it calling me steve,until we collapsed exsausted on the bed.

i took off the handcuffs and blindfold the wife said that was amazing! have you been recording me.

sure have, do you want to look?

her face was a sight, you bastards she said, then rang steve and thanked him.

we then got down to it again whilst watching the movie!!

we still play our game and she loves it!!