Written by Neil

12 Nov 2004

Some years ago I worked in a garage, you know the sort of place, where the governor expects you to do everything. One day I was on my own when a woman drove up to the pumps in an old Rover, I was in the bog but I saw her through the window. The doors on this car were hinged at the back and as she got out, one leg at a time she revealed tightly stretched white pants and looked around. I quickly buttoned up and went outside, by the time I was approaching the pumps she was sitting back in the driver's seat, one leg up and one down, showing her knickers. I treated myself to a good stare, as I got closer I could even see the shape of her mound. She smiled at me as I apologised for being slow, "Oh, that's alright," she said, "I'm not in a hurry." I had a good long look up her skirt then moved round the car to the filler, "Fill her up, please," she said. I thought, 'Wouldn't I just like to!', and putting the hose in the filler squeezed the trigger.

I could see the woman through the back window as she stll sat sideways in the driver's seat, she was smiling to herself. When the hose cut off I returned the hose to the pump and walked round to tell her the cost. I was quite shocked, her skirt had ridden up and she was quite shamelessly exposing her knickers. I reckoned she was around middle forties, probably at least twenty years older than me. Nevertheless I was aroused, she was quite a dish and here she was offering herself. "Anything more I can do for you, madam?" I asked.

"Judging by what I can see, I should think it quite likely," came the reply. All I had on was my boiler suit overalls and a pair of briefs and I hadn't bothered trying to hide my erection.

I grinned, "Always at your service, madam!"

She laughed, "You look like a good strong boy to me, are you spoken for?"

My turn to laugh, "You must be joking, you get more when you're single! Want to make me a proposition?"

"You must be reading my mind," she handed me a couple of notes, "keep the change and I'll be in the 'George' tonight at half seven." She got in and drove off.

'Blimey,' I thought, 'I've pulled a granny!' All the same I had a shower, a bath and cleaned my teeth before donning my best casuals and making my way to the 'George'. I deliberately did not drive in case of developments.

She was there alright, somehow, although she was dressed very sexily, she did not look like mutton dressed as lamb. In fact she looked great, she was very pretty after all and had a great figure, if it was all hers that is. To cut a long story short after a couple of drinks she took me home. Once inside the door she grabbed me and kissed me hungrily. "No husband?" I asked.

"Widowed," she replied, "I've not had a cock for over a year, since he died, and I'm ramping for it!"

"You've come to the right man then," I told her, "I can fuck you any way you like and last as long as you want!"

"Oh good!" she said, and took me upstairs. We stripped quickly. Her figure did prove to be great and all hers. Her breasts weren't of any great size but they were beautifully shaped and although she had a slight tum her mons veneris was well rounded and shaved, something I had never come across before. She pulled me onto the bed and we were kissing almost ferociously, I grabbed her tits and she my cock. I'm not big or anything, maybe a bit thicker than most that's all, but she couldn't keep her eyes off it, "Oh! It's beautiful! I can't wait for you to put it up me!"

I suddenly realised that we hadn't asked each other's names and said so, "My name's Neil."

"Oh, sorry, my mind's been between my thighs ever since I met you, mine's Shirley. Come on I'm all wet, you can play with my fanny later, just put your prick up!"

I mounted her, holding myself up over her I inserted my throbbing cock. She was hot, slippery and tight. I rammed it in hard, she screamed, "Oh God! YES! Do it, do it!"

I did it, she rose to meet every thrust and tightened her cunt each time I withdrew, it was very erotic. Neverthe-less, I was able to make good my promise and half an hour later she was pleading with me, as she sobbed her pleasure, to come. A couple of hard thrusts and I obliged, filling her cunt generously. She came, sobbing, moaning and crying as her cunt opened and closed on my cock like a fish's mouth. "You lovely fucking cunt," I gasped in her ear, "is that how you like to be fucked?"

"Oh God, yes, I've never been fucked like that in my life. When can you go again?"

"As soon as you can get me hard," I told her. She managed that in record time by letting my limp cock slip out, turning round and sucking it into her mouth. She sucked and slobbered all over it, moving her mouth up and down the shaft. As soon as she felt me getting hard she turned me on my back and, holding my cock in a vertical position and mounting me, she lowered her hot streaming cunt onto it. She fucked me until her thighs gave out, then I turned her on her back and fucked her. Is there anything quite as erotic as fucking a cunt that's full of spunk mixed with a woman's love juice? Christ that was some fuck, she seemed to be coming all the time and the mess over our thighs and stomachs was incredible. I fucked with absolute pleasure until once again she pleaded with me to come, a couple of hard thrusts again then I pulled it out and giving it a couple of wanks shot my load all over her.

She cried out as it spurted over her face, breasts and belly, he legs wide apart showing me her lovely cunt. It was wide open, her inner lips were as thin as paper and lay out over the outer ones, something I had never seen before, and her hole was leaking a mixture of our juices which were running down her crack and over her arsehole. She was the most incredibly sexy sight I had ever seen in my life. I went down on her and started licking her clit, she thrashed around like a fish out of water and I sucked at everything filling my mouth. I moved up over her and filled her mouth with it and, much to my surprise, she swallowed eagerly. I licked up what was on her breasts and repeated it. She swallowed that too and gasped, "Christ, I've never had sex like that before. You sexy bastard, however did you find out how to do that?"

"I've fucked a lot of women," I replied.

"Thank God for that! I'm fucked, I don't think I can stand any more!"

"You've got no stamina," I told her.

"You don't mean that you could go again!"

"Given half an hour," I shrugged.

"My God!"

Well I fucked Shirley a lot, she was an excellent fuck and was very grateful, she had money too so that didn't do any harm. In fact I fucked her so much that my friends began to think that I was ill because I lost so much weight. Ah,the follies of youth! Delightful though.