Written by esox

19 Oct 2006

Some time ago i was visitg my best pal and his wife. We have always got on very well together which is just as well considering the events of the day. As it was hot we were all wearing shorts and as usual we were all messing about in the garden as you do. After fighting with the water hose my pal mentioned that J's nipples were hard and trying to come out of her t shirt. I laughed and joked about it. Not knowing quite what to say I said that mine were out in sympathy. With that she came over for a comparrison and thrush her chest towards me. Feeling brave and flirty i said it was hard to tell with her t shirt on and to my surprise she just lifted it up and displyed a very hard nipple hiding in her bra. Up untill this point i'd never seen any part of her naked and felt the stirrings of a hard on. I sat down on a log while i watched my pal come over to check out for himself. He tweeked her nipple and said he couldn't have got it harder himself. She just stood there while he started to suck her breasts and i sat there like a gooseberry. Grinning like a cat she sat next to me and said that both of them needed attention removed he t shirt. It was so electric i looked at my pal who was too busy sucking her nipple so thought what the hell and started to suck. Her moans got louder and i was a little concerned about next door but when she put her hand under my shorts and stroked my cock i went past the point of no return. She pulled our cocks out and started wanking us in each hand. she picked up the tempo and said who ever lasted the longest could fuck her. I tried my not to cum but it was just too much and i spunked over her hands a few seconds before my pal. Like some pied piper she led us inside by our softening cocks where she stripped off and showed off her soaking pussy. I sucked her clit untill she screamed for some cock any cock she didnt care. We fucked her all afternoon fantastic. Since then i've fucked her while she was pregnent, on her own, and watch her hubby fuck her arse while i finger her pussy. As yet i haven't done the arse thing but with a bit of gentle pursuasion i'm sure we could do some dp. I'm visting them in a few weeks so fingers crossed she will be feeling horny and in need of two cocks......... at the same time i'll let you know