Written by cock sucking bi guy

23 May 2006

I had always thought about sucking cock but never had the opportunity. Then 1 day I rang a gay helpline for advice on possible places to meet as I didn't fancy public loos. I was told about a gay sauna approx 30miles from where I live and after a few days thinking it through decided to pay a visit. After paying the entrance fee I went to the changing room took of my clothes and put the towel provided around my waist. I then headed straight for the video room to watch some gay porn. Once my eyes had got used to the darkness I could see guys in various places around the room involved in mainly wanking and sucking. I sat down alone but within a couple of minutes someone sat beside me. Straight away he pulled back his towel to show me a nice hard cock about 7" uncut. He took my hand and guided it on to the shaft, it was my first touch of another mans cock but I nervously started to wank him off. He asked if I would suck him so I positioned myself between his legs and began to lick the tip. After getting used to the idea I opened my mouth and let his hard cock fill my mouth. I was now really into the momment and sucked and wanked is cock as if my life depended on it. The next step was to take his come which I had already decided to do and within a couple of minutes I felt his cock begin to stiffen and swell as his hot spunk hit the back of my throat. I swallowed as much as I could and let the rest dribble out onto my chin. Then I licked and sucked his softening cock to take the last bits of spunk. I made my excuses cleaned myself up and went back to the changing room. I left so that I could take in what I had just done. I have returned, stayed longer and enjoyed sucking more than 1 cock. I now try to visit at least once a month.