Written by Susan

25 Jan 2004

I am 19 years old and an 8st. weakling.I answered an Ad. from a 53 year old man asking for a toy boy.He asked me was what size i was and did i like being fucked. When i told him i did we arranged to meet at his house.

He led me into his living room and told me to strip.I stood there naked while he had a good look at my body and then told me he was really looking for a toy girl and would i like to be her.

When i said yes he took me into the bathroom and ran a hot bath. He said if i was going to be a girl all my body hair had to go. First the hair under my arms then my legs and finishing with my prick and balls. I thought that was it until he told me to stand and bend over and part my arse cheeks. He carefully shaved around my ring till i was totally smooth.

I must admit i loved the feeling of being so smooth, I was then led into the bedroom and told to dress in the clothes on the bed while he went back to the living room.

Dressing up was new to me and i slowly dressed starting with a red basque and black panties, black seamed stockings with lace tops finished the transfer.

I went back to the living room feeling like a right slut but really enjoying the feel of nylon on my smooth body.

He had stripped and was watching a gay porn video. A young lad was getting a real pounding.I thought this will soon be me.I was told that as i was a girl my arse would now be called a cunt.

He told me to bend over and came up behind me. I thought this is it, but instead he pulled my panties to one side side and said what a lovely cunt i am going to have a good lick.He licked my ring then started to probe inside with his tongue.

My panties were pulled right down and he sat my on a chair. He lifted my legs in the air, pulled my cunt to the edage and slowely entered me. What pain, but soon to turn to delight as he pumped away.Just before cumming he pulled out and shot in my mouth.

I now see this man often and keep my body smooth and obey his every order.

Will let you know more.