12 Jan 2017

My girlfriend S is 5ft 7, slim, with great legs and perfect 34C tit , only 30 but a real vixen! She decided to have some fun recently while were in Germany. She was wearing a short white dress with long boots and tights. Her dress had studs and no buttons so she was messing around and teasing me by popping off her dress and showing me her tits.

I whipped out my camera and started taking photos. The hotel room lighting and the white dress made her look even more stunning that she already was. She started to get horny and started playing with her nipples and clit for me all while I was taking pictures. A few minutes later my cock was in her mouth and I still kept on taking photos. She took off her tights and black lace under wear and slid my cock inside her .... we had a great fuck but she wasn't done!

She put on her lace knickers and boots and short jacket and we went out for drinks. She looked super sexy with her long boots, all the men were eyeing her on the streets. We walked along some streets and went into a pub for a few pints. She was sitting on the bench with her legs crossed and her dress was riding high showing most of her thigh.. loads of guys were eyeing her up and she loved it. After her spot of exhibitionism we left back for out hotel and stopped at the bar there for another drink.

S popped open two top buttons and the last one to give everyone looking in her direction and eyeful. A bottle of wine and a few pints later she was ready to play. We did the usual - she sat at the bar alone while I was close-by. A short while later a German gent sat next to her and they had a drink.. she was giving him all the right signals- Touching his leg, letting him touch hers.. after one drink I joined in we had another drink with our new friend. S doesn't waste much time when we find someone.

She asked if he'd like to come to the room for a final drink. When we got there she laid down on the bed with her legs slightly open while I opened up a bottle.. our guest was pretty drunk and was enjoying the view... S then tilted her hips and slid down her knickers for us both to see and started fingering her self, I walked up to her gave her a kiss and sat on the chair next to her...

Our guest didn't take too long to put his face between her legs , shortly after - he pulled out a pretty sizeable cock and proceeded to pound S right in front of me... I then took my place next to her for her to suck me off. She was in heaven - one of the thicker cocks she has had.He was doing a great job pounding her hard and fast. She swiftly orgasmed and returned the favour by sucking him off too. I then took my place in her pussy while the guest star was getting his cock hardened in her mouth. Once he was ready she hopped back on top of him.

It was a great sight watching her perfect tits bounce covered in sweat and some of my cum. We fucked till 3-4 in the morning till no one could orgasm any more.

A great fun night!