Written by Andy

3 Jul 2006

99% totally true.

We had arranged for the girl friends mum and boy friend to stay with us in Gloucester at our flat we had just bought.

They turned up, we done the tore of the house and decided to go out for a few drinks.

After a few pints of heineken i noticed Ann was not bad looking and since I had heard stories of her being fucked by other men and even a lesbian romp... my imagination starts to wander.

By 10 o'clock the flirting had began and not just by myself and Ann.

Nick and Vicki had also joined in and by now the stirring in my boxers was very apparent. The atmosphere was tense especially when Nick gave Vicki a full snog. which was met by total shock in a jovial kind of way.

I replied "Ann are we gonna let them get away with that?"

To which I leant over and gave her a lingering kiss.

At times like this one does not think of any consequenses, so I also gave her ample chest a grope.

Vicki shouted "Andy!"

Ann smiled

Nick smiled fairly indifferently.

Great I thought, got away with that.

We went home and after a chat went to our respective rooms.

I dont know what time it was but I felt something heavy on the end of our bed. So I bolted up (taking the covers off myself and vicki, the moon was out, so was able to see the out line of Vicki and her mother now sat on the bed.

Not a word was spoken, I sat by her and started kissing her and taking her bra off. She had slowly started to wank me.

After quickly becoming bored of playing with her tits I started to touch Vicki. It did not take long and she was incredibly wet and had even parted her legs for me.

By now I was getting even more adventurous.

I believe Vicki was still asleep when I placed her mother's hand on her cunt. I had never been as turned on as i was then.

By now Vicki's legs were wide apart, how i had not come I will never know.

Making the most of the situation, I lent Janet over the bed so her head was in "mid region".

And just pushed(actually it just fell in) my knob in to her huge soaking wet cunt.

Vicki was still moaning and Ann's head seemed to be making a circilar motion.

This was too much for me to bare. I chucked my muck in side her.

And then the whole situation dawned on me.

Wow, but also what the fuck have I done kid of feeling.

Janet quickly left.

I got in to bed to hear Vicki say "gonna fuck me now"

The next morning not a lot was said but I am sure Nick knows cause sure as shit Vicki does!