Written by Paul

20 Sep 2004

L is 19 and a student nurse in Manchester I'm her boyfriend and have always had a fantasy about her fucking another lad whilst I watch. One of the lads I play football with is really big 10" and a bit of a shagger so I mentioned it to him once when we were on the football bus pissed up. D thought it was a quality idea so told me to arrange it. So one night we all went out in Manchester and had a really good night and were all very drunk. L and D had been flirting all night and I just knew something would happen. I told L that she could fuck him if she wanted to and she replied just try and stop me, so when we got back to her student flat I couldn't wait for it to begin. To my surprise L told me to go in the other room so they could both relax which wasn't what I had in mind but I did as I was told before I went she said don't spoil this for me by walking in I'll see you in the morning. I was nearly shaking now with nervous exciutement at the thought of L and D fucking and I plucked up the courage to walk to her door which was shut. I could her D moaning which I presumed was L sucking his cock... then I heard L moaning and groaning with the bed really creaking. this went on for about 5 minutes before I heard D ask if he could bum her, she said she'll try but if it hurts stop it. Well it must have hurt cos she told him to stop but to fuck her from behind. I heard D ask if she's cum yet and L replied not yet but i'm close... within seconds she was telling him she's cumming moaning oh god that's it oh yes, that was enough for me I had to go to my room and relieve myself thinking about it. The next day L told me they did it 3 more times but in the morning she just sucked him off. We're doing it again soon but this time with me in the room and I can't fucking wait!!