Written by littledick

30 Jan 2006

I and my girlfriend,vicky 21, have been together for 3 months,but have known each other for years. we get on great, but she has told me that my size downstairs is a slight problem for her. she was used to a large cock(8") for 4 years, i only have a 5inc to offer but have money... and a nice look,plus when her ex started to mess her about with yr own ex friends I was the only one she could turn to. so i come up with a plan to give her what she wanted.

I play in a five aside footy team. there is 2 lads that r very big in the shorts dept,around 10+" so one tuesday night I told vicky to wait for me in our bedroom until i got home around 8pm. so tuesday came and i asked the lads if they wanted a lift to their place after the game, the said yes, on the way, one of the lads asked me how linda was, i said sextually fustrated, they both laughed, they have seen my nob in the showers. so the plan was going great,so then i said ok u studs lets go back to mine and u 2 can fuck her until she has had enough. there was a brief silence and by then we were park outside my flat.

we walk into my flat,linda saying 'i am in the bedroom wereby i said 'cumming' asked the lads to drop their shorts,one of them went fully naked both had massive erections.

they enter the bedroom,linda had candles lit, she was naked on the bed, she look up and said 'fuck' wereby i said that what u going to get and closed the door behind me. the lads got on the bed linda started to suck cock and the other lad began to fuck her from behind, they swap her around and around fucking her, dp her even fisted her, she was tuned into their privte whore. at one stage i thought she was to collapse from the may times she was cumming and the very hard fucking she was getting by the lads.

3 hours later she said to the lads she could not take any more and Igave them that lift home,lads thank me for the good time.

when i got back linda was half sleeping in a pool of cum,

she said thanks to me, she was so sure she needed help to the shower,saying it will take her a couple of days walk again, with those cocks she had, more like a week.

I changed the sheet and we got back into bed, wereby i got on top of her and fuck her with my 'little one' and for the first time she asked me to hurry up and shoot my load as she was tired and pussy was sure and she could not eevn take my small cock,I cum and we kissed goodnight.

I am planning her first gb(another of her fantasies) with the 'lads' and with the 2 black lads on our team......