Written by John

15 Sep 2005

Janet and I had talked for weeks about getting another guy to play with Janet while I watched. I am 55 and overweight, Janet is 42 and medium build with 36D boobs.We agreed to try it and I thought about how to find someone. About two weeks ago I was in the golf club talking to a drinking/golfing mate and we had both had a few drinks. Dave (not his real name)was moaning aboiut how his wife was not interested in sex and I told him that I had no problem except that we were thinking of trying a threesome and we laughed and had a few more drinks. The following day my mobile rand and it was Dave, who asked if I had been serious or drunk. I said serious and he said he would be up for it. I spoke to Janet that night and although hesitant about doing it with someone we both knew and Dave was married we set up a meet at our place on Friday night. We were both nervous and at 8 o'clock Dave arrived. We sat in the lounge and had a glass of wine while I told Dave what I wanted him to do with Janet and described what I wanted Janet to do to him. Dave and I went to the bedroom while Janet got dressed up in the bathroom. We stripped to our boxers and after 5 minutes there was a knock on the door and Dave opened it. I could see Janet stood there in a black see through basque, suspender belt, stockings and a tiny black thong. My heart was pounding and my cock was bursting as they moved towards where I was sitting on a chair. Janet stood in front of me with Dave behind her. He reached round and started to massage Janet's breasts over her basque. He then put his hands inside the basque and lifted both breasts completely out and started massaging and squeezing them holding her nipples between his fingers and thumbs. I took my boxers off, sat down and started pulling at my foreskin, my cock was dribbling all over me while Dave worked on Janet's breasts. I had to stop and watched while Dave moved his hands down to Janet's thong and in one movement slid it down her legs while she stepped out of it. I sat there staring as he put one hand over her shaved pussy and started working his fingers into her. They moved to the bed and lay down Janet put her hand on Dave's obviously erect cock and began rubbing it. She then kneeled up and slid his boxers down and I could not beleive the size of his cock. It was about 9" long but the girth was enormous, I had only seen that size in porn films.I looked at Janet and said are you ok? she said yes are you? I said yes. By now Janet was sliding Dave's foreskin up and down and still kneeling she leaned towards him and put the huge end into her mouth. I had to get up and I mounted her from behind, it took me about 20 seconds to come. I left them to it and when I came back in they were in a 69. We had agreed on no cock penetration so when they had finished, Janet had come but not dave. So they got up and Dave stood in front of me and Janet knelt on the floor in front of him, she then gave him a hand and blow job in front of me and I could not beleive it when Dave exploded she kept hold of his throbbing cock and swallowed everything. We got dressed, had a drink and talked a while before Dave left. Since then Janet and I have talked (and shagged) about doing it again. Dave is willing but Janet is wondering what it might be like with a complete stranger, maybe we shall see.