Written by T

13 Dec 2004

Since last week when my girlfriend chickened out a bit of cold outdoor sex on Hampstead Heath instead i got propositioned by Dean letting him suck my prick then then giving rise to all my latent Bisexual fantasies of anal sex i let him fuck me

now I think about Dean fucking me constantly

i felt really guilty about it when i went home saw my girlfriend she was very sorry and sheepish about not turning up "it was to cold "she laughted "promice you tonight"

so we had sex that night but all i could think about Deans prick sliding in and out of my arse then tasting his cum

as i fucked her she did something she often does running a finger over my arse hole i bucked" ohhh sensitive boy" my arse felt hot and sore but her finger there made me want to cum

she pushed a finger in which stung

as i fucked her she finger fucked me my arse felt tight around her finger 4 hours earlier it had been tight around Deans prick the urge to cum was overwhelming but it was Dean i thought about fucking Deans finger in my arse lubing me before fucking me

so after most of the week bottling out of calling Dean

but getting more and more worked up about it....I called him

on thursday evening after finding out my girlfriend was going to see her sister for the weekend i plucked up the courage (or just driven by desire) dialled his number i was afraid he wouldnt remember me he did saying i was his best most exciting dog ever

we arranged to meet at a travel lodge saturday night

when i got there a bit late i saw Dean at the bar i bottled it went back to my car as i was thinking of leaving Dean taps on the window "you forget something" i mumbled "yes er no" Dean got into my car read the look on my face "its ok we can forget it shame though" he puts his hand on my crotch i feel my prick instantly harden i let him unzip my chinos drawing out my now hard prick Dean wanks me slowly for a bit"you sure you want to leave" i dont say anything but im thinking i want you to fuck me you bastard fuck me hard and long

as my precum appears he pulls back my foreskin looks around the carpark its empty then goes down on me i feel my prick in the back of his throat as he goes up and down on me he then just sucks the tip of my prick pushing his head down i explode filling his mouth with warm cum he sucks me till my prick gets soft

he then comes up and suddenly kisses me (something i would avoid doing) kissing me hard pressing me back into the car seat forcing his tongue into my mouth in reaction i almost gag as i taste my thick cum but i find myself responding and kiss him urgently back we kiss for 5 minutes he then gets out of the car "are you coming" in a daze i follow him to the room i sit on the bed he stands in front of me i can see the outline of his prick in his jeans i undo his belt and buttons rubbing his hard prick through the fabric of his pants pulling them down i take his prick in my mouth caressing his smooth balls he moans slightly as i touch his arsehole feeling its tightness but he pulls away putting his cock back in his pants doing up his jeans " you know im going to have to punish you for running out on me " shocked i dont say anything he pulls out the pillows makes a mound of them pulls down my trousers then orders me to lie over the pillows my bum feels really high and exposed he strokes my bum then Dean says just going to the bar to get us a drink "dont move" feels like and eternity before he is back the tension is such a fantastic turn on "so you are still here i was taking a risk going out so you accept that im going to punish you" i nod

then the first hard slap of his hand like a bolt of eletricity concentrating on just one cheek he smacks it ten times till it feels like its on fire but just like when we got "the wack" at school i dont cry out he then starts smacking the other cheek again up till ten i think its over but he then he smacks one cheek then the other in reaction i try to put my hand over my bum but he just smacks me harder after ten more slaps he stops my bum throbs burning

hot "did you enjoy your punishment or do you want some more" "i moan it was great thankyou" "well now the pleasure"

i hear Dean undoing his belt his trousers falling i look round to see him sliding a condom on to his slim 8inch prick its hard up against his belly his shaved balls small and tight then i feel the shock of cold lube being applied his fingers stretching my hole then i feel the pressure of his cock on my arse one long push he is inside me i moan as he takes hold of my shoulders as he fucks me he fucks me

hard much harder than last time but its so pleasurable just to relax into his thrusts my arse cheeks burn as he pulls into me his strokes faster more urgent he then stands holds my hips pumps harder deeper, but slower waves of ecstasy mix with the stinging pain one last thrust he groans shooting his load he pulls out quickly which is painful takes off the condom shoves his still erect prick in my mouth so hot and sticky i feel his prick spasm shooting a the last bit of cum over my tongue grabbing my hair he holds my head fucking my mouth till he is exhausted then he lies back taking the condom he pours cum over his chest rubs it in pulls me into an embrace we kiss again all wet tasting of spunk my mouth feels slimey my lips dry with his cum we drink a couple of screwdrivers lying there together stinking of spunk cant think when i have been happier.....

then it just got better Dean notices my prick getting hard again he reaches over begins to suck me licking my balls running his tongue over the skin between my balls and arse making me moan in delight then taking a condom he rolls it slowly onto my cock then he stradles me sitting on my legs

he lubes his arsehole then my prick then slowly lowers his arse onto my prick we he holds directing into his hole i feel the pressure of his tightness he winces as his arsehole gives then slowly inch by inch i enter him after a minute im in him fully he moves forward moaning slightly we kiss long slow kisses then sits up and begins to fuck himself god it feels good so slow and deep his prick starts hardening i take in my hand and start to wank him in time to his fucking no doubt the most horny fuck off my life

he moves up and down quicker his cock is hard but soft at the same time i let go of his cock reach forward feeling my prick moving in and out of him what a sensation i can feel myself close to cumming

i massage the area between his arse and balls suddenly

his prick grows bigger and harder

i take hold off it just lightly pulling back the foreskin he cums shoots over my chest onto my neck splashes going on to my face in my mouth Dean literally crys out in orgasmic

ecstacy he drops down his hands on my shoulders starts fucking himself hard and fast he kisses me licks my face and neck now i can feel myself cumming he senses this easing off my cock till only the end is inside him

tightens his muscles holding my prick then loosens them

sliding down into him i cum i god what an orgasm he leans

forward on to me we kiss long sensual kisses i never thought i could kiss a man like that we lay there for what seemed hours then we went in the bathroom dean asked if he could hold my prick as i pissed i was so turned on i let him we showered hot soapy caresses washing off the dry spunk he fingered my arse which felt amazing god i wanted his cock in me again.....after getting something to eat we did fuck again then at 2am i felt his hard prick against my arse oh god not again...