7 Jul 2003

I want to tell you a story about my girlfriend Diane that happened a few years ago just before we met. Diane is a gorgeous woman aged 38 with shoulder length brown hair, 36C breasts and an arse like a peach in a pair of jeans or trousers, and is fancied by many blokes in our area. Diane is a real lady and her face is sweet and innocent looking for her age and she will always do someone a favour if she can help - especially her family! Diane's family is a good one except for one rogue brother, Jimmy, who is a petty criminal and is always in trouble for one reason or another.

Diane's problem started one day when she was in the kitchen at home and the doorbell rang. Jimmy stood there breathing heavily and sweating profusely so she let him in to find out the problem. It turns out that Jimmy had stolen a car stereo from the local Big Villain and psycopath called Higgy and the word was on the street that Higgy was going to have Jimmy kneecapped. Fortunately Diane has a good head on her shoulders and she also went to school with Higgy's brother, Sean, so she told Jimmy to go home and stay there whilst she went to see Sean and try to sort things out. Sean is one of those lads who nobody liked because of his big brother and he was 6'3" tall with a beer belly and middle tooth missing from brawling - not Mr Handsome! He is so ugly that most people say he's a virgin and call him bent behind his back and laugh at him which hurts Sean in private. Fortunately he has had a crush on Diane ever since their school days and had even snogged her once as a 12 year old at a school disco.

Sean's face lit up when Diane arrived at his house and he said "I know why you're here" with a grin on his face. "My brother is going to hospitalise your Jimmy good un proper unless I help you" said Jimmy. Diane looked at the floor and said "will you help me?" "That depends" said Sean "that depends if you'll put on a show for me and some mates tonight, I'll charge them £50 each which will cover the insurance excess on the car and I'll tell Higgy that it wasn't your Jimmy that did the car over." As I mentioned above Diane is a real lady and will do anything for her family so after a moment she nodded her head and said that she would do anything that Sean wanted if it would save her brother. "Right then" said Sean rubbing his hands together and grinning with his tooth missing "I want you to put on a nice dress, some sexy underwear and be at the Lodge at seven for a seven thirty start.

The Lodge is a name given to the house on a run down estate which Sean uses like a club house. Diane arrived outside the Lodge at 6.55 which gave her a few minutes to look at the uninviting building before getting out of her car and walking to the front door. Her heart pounding she walked to the tatty and peeling front door and knocked twice. She could hear footsteps inside and then the door opened with a leering Sean looking up and down her body. Diane entered the front room to see a bare electric light, an old double mattress thrown on the floor and five wooden chairs positioned around it which brought home to her exactly what she was expected to do to save her brother, and that all these chairs were going to be occupied by leering unknown men in half an hour or so watching and joining in the show which was to be her!

Sean and Diane went into the kitchen and Sean gave Diane a glass of lager and they both sat and talked for a while. It turned out that Sean was a virgin and that he needed to prove that he wasn't bent to his mates. Sean then told Diane that one of the men who would be coming was in his sixties, one was in his late fifties and there were also two lads aged 16 who were off the estate and had never seen a naked woman before let alone touched one. Diane still couldn't believe what was happening to her but was soon brought back to the reality when there was a knock at the door. Sean stood up and went to the door and she could hear laughing and loud voices in the front room as Sean took the £50 from each of them and got them sat down in the wooden chairs with a drink each. "I've got a real babe for us tonight lads, some of you may recognise her and wanked over doing her before tonight but tonight she says she'll do anything you ask of her but I'm first" she heard Sean say. "Come on in D and let the cock see the hen" Sean shouted.

Diane walked into the front room and couldn't believe her eyes as the older one of the men was one of her dad's best friends and the two lads were mates of her youngest brother! "Hello Diane" said her dad's mate "I won't tell your dad if you dont! with a wink" The two youngest lads both sat there and just uncontrollably smiled as they had both fantasised about fucking her.

Diane had been telling herself that she would never have to see these people again, except for Sean, and she actually knew them all except for one who was a particularly scruffy man in his late fifties with two or three days stubble and not washed in days! Apparently he was a bit like Father Jack from the TV programme Father Ted.

"Right then" said Sean "let's kick off with a strip for the lads and a bit of a show before the real show then D".

Diane walked over to the mattress which Sean pointed to her and stood in front of the five seated and grinning men who were about two feet away and all sitting with wide eyes and wafts of cigarette smoke filled the room. Diane could feel her eyes filling with tears as she knew what she had to do and also felt embarrassed as she already knew most of the people well, but she took a deep breath and kicked off her shoes. Her hands then slowly moved from her hips to behind her back to unzip her dress and then let if fall to the floor leaving her naked except for her lacy white cotton Bra and Panties which drew a big cheer from the men. "Go on D i've always wanted to see what you've got" said her dad's friend as the two lads sat quiet but very happy and staring at her breasts bulging above her bra whilst hiding their tenting trousers. Diane turned round and stopped for a moment whilst she got her head together and reached behind for her bra clasp, and the men's attention diverted to look at the indent of her panties going in between her bum cheeks. Diane turned round to whoops of glee from the men as her lovely white round breasts hung free for them all to see. The man that Diane didn't know suggested that she turned round again and slowly remove her panties and bent over when removing them, everyone cheered and Diane looked at Sean who was almost frothing at the mouth and who nodded. Diane turned around again and took a deep breath as besides one long term boyfriend nobody had ever seen her totally naked before. Slowly she put her thumbs in the waist of her panties and lowered her panties over her bum and bending forward to her ankles where she kicked them off. All the time the men jockied for position, whilst still seated, trying to look up her bum and between her legs. Diane then turned back to face the men not knowing where to look but they did and it was either at her breasts or her pubic area where they could just see the outline of her vaginal lips between her pubic hair.

There was no going back now and Sean suggested that everyone was to make a suggestion as to what was to happen next starting with the youngest and working up age wise. The bravado left the two young lads who admitted that they would just like to start with ten minutes of feeling my girl's body and generally having a look round it - which I suppose is only natural the first time you get access to a nude girl! Diane looked at her brother's two young friend's and shook her head through the embarrassment of having to let them play with her body like a toy and have a look at the most intimate parts of her body! Sean shouted "do it - lie on the mattress " and this made her jump as she lowered her bottom onto the grubby mattress. Diane lay back as the two lads pulled their chairs forward and then leant forwards so that they ended up kneeling either side of Diane's naked body as Sean, having had a few beers, told her to smile and look like she was enjoying herself. At the same time the rest of the men bunched up so as to have a closer look at the beauty in front of them. Within seconds their young hands were all over the top half of her body squeezing, mauling, and sucking her tits. Almost by telepathy the lads' faces looked up at each other whilst tit sucking and said "fanny" to each other as their heads turned to look down towards the dark haired mound between Diane's closed legs. The young men moved down the mattress and each held her leg and moved it up until her knees were bent, they then lowered them in turn until Diane's legs were wide open and showing her gorgeous pussy lips to everyone in the room. Diane's head turned to disassocaite herself from what was happening as the lads each put a finger between her fanny lips and pushed their fingers deep inside her body, a girl's body for the first time. Diane's dad's friend shouted "what's the matter lads never touched a cunt before? Pull it open so we can all have a look!" They each grabbed a fanny lip and pulled and everyone cheered as her pink glistening cunt hole appeared for them all to look deep inside her and get a brief glimpse of her womb entrance. The beer had taken it's affect as someone shouted "come on D make the lips on you face smile as much as those between your legs!" which resulted in great laughter. If the rules had been obeyed it should have been Sean's turn next to do what he wanted with Diane but he was enjoying himself anyway watching what was happening to the girl of his dreams. Having drunk too much the smelly man in his fifties lurched forward and said "lads, lads, your experience will grow but you've not had a look or feel of her tightest hole!" The lads frowned at the old man not knowing what he was on about as he tapped Diane's leg and grunted and indicated for her to get on her hands and knees. She unquestioningly did this with her bottom raised in the air and her legs slightly apart. "Now look at this then lads" he said as he pulled her bum cheeks apart to let her anus come into view along side her vagina. "Two holes for the price of one" he said as he leant forward and pushed his tongue deep into her fanny hole whilst pushing his nose into her dark bum crack and against her arse hole. All the time his hands had reached under Diane and were squeezing and groping her breasts hanging beneath her. Diane liked this man the least as he was smelly and unwashed and nobody, even her previous steady boyfriend, had ever seen let alone put their nose against her most intimate hole. The next thing he did though surprised her when he moved his mouth up her and licked her back passage before forcing it inside her hole. All this time one thing was going through this beautiful girl's mind and that was she was doing it for Jimmy so that made her justify the situation to herself.

The friend of her dad then took control of the situation and said " come on lads it's getting late and lets finish off to get our moneys worth, we all know she's got three holes as we've all seen em, eh lads" looking and laughing towards the younger men. "Lets all do her at once to finish." Diane felt relieved that her "show" was coming to an end but then concerned that she had never had a cock up her bum hole even though the old man had just lubricated and stretched it slightly with his tongue and finger. The old man who had been licking Diane's ring pice looked up and said "I don't need to have a go i've just shot my load in my pants" as everyone looked round to see this old man's wet pants with his finger still inserted in Diane's back entrance.

Diane's dad's friend then suggested that she be blindfolded to add to the effect which Diane approved so she wouldn't have to look at them. The men all then stripped naked and got themselves hard by groping Diane' lovely body and inserting multiple fingers into her wet cunt and anus.

Some whispering went on and the two lads were allowed to fuck Diane first. One by one the two of them laid her on her back and entered her vagina with their cocks but one by one they both came after a couple of strokes as youth tends to do. Diane let out a sigh as that was now three down and just left Sean and her Dad's friend to have their way with her.

The older man lay on his back and Diane was moved into position so that she straddled his stiff 8" cock. Slowly she moved her body so that her cunt lips opened up to allow this man to push deep into her warm body. All the time the man and Sean groped her tits and Sean stood back to look at the view of the girl he had fancied and wanked over since school. Diane's lips were stretched by the cock inside her and Sean just stared at the rythmic motion and vision of her lovely puckered anal hole between her open bum cheeks. The old smelly man urged "Go on Sean do her up the shitter, they all love it up the poo hole!" Sean didn't need telling as he was fixed on to do Diane's back passage. He trembled as he ran his finger from the top of her bum crack down and deeper until it ran around the rim of the most intimate part of her body. Sean savoured the moment and his cock had never been harder. He knelt behind Diane and in one hard push he was there, after all these years he'd not only penetrated Diane but he was up her bum hole! Diane was sighing and actually orgasmed as these two men used her body as a sex toy. The old smelly man decided to return and put his soft cock into Diane's mouth where he dribbled a teaspoon amount of come which he told her to swallow and the two younger lads got their final moneys worth by groping her tits for all they were worth and ejaculating in her face.

Eventually Diane's dad's friend came inside her vagina and whispered "you've got a lovely tight hole but I definitely wont tell your old man" and as Sean came inside her bum hole he said "you'd better make that two tight holes!"

The four men got up and dressed as Diane lay naked on the mattress with spunk dribbling from every orifice. The two young lads said they would wank over this for ever starting tonight!

Sean and Diane sat on the mattress and Sean said "I'd have helped you out with Jimmy without you doing this!" Diane smiled and said "I know you would!"