9 Jul 2003

I hope that you enjoyed part 1 of this story which I posted on here a couple of days ago but the story doesn't end there....

Two days had passed since Diane's "show" at the Lodge and Sean had wanked himself silly every free moment thinking about what he and the others had done to the girl of his dreams and every time he wanked he could remember the softness of her breasts as he had squeezed them and the overwhelming excitement as someone else fucked her front hole whilst he had shagged the tightness of her bum. What excited Sean the most was that he had always looked at this girl as having a certain innocence about her (even though she was in her thirties) and because of her beauty felt that she was beyond his reach, but he had made her do what he had wanted to do to her since they'd first met at school all those years ago albeit in exchange for helping Diane's brother, Jimmy, avoid hospital. Sean hatched a plan in his mind which would be a win/win situation for him and decided not to wank over his memories of Diane and to save it for the real thing. His plan would also make some biggish money from the situation. Two more days passed and Sean couldn't bear the feelings his full sack were telling him and he decided to go and see Diane and tell her what he wanted.

Diane lived in a two up two down house in a nice area of town and Sean knocked on her front door at about 8 o'clock on a Friday morning. Sean had never done a days work in his life and had no thought that Diane might be at work but fortunately, for him, she'd just got home from doing a night shift as a nurse at the local General Hospital. Diane had literally put her bag and cardigan down on the table in the kitchen when she heard the knock and when she opened the door she sighed "oh it's you, I suppose you'd better come in." Diane was wearing a white t/shirt tucked into her jeans and Sean licked his lips and thought to himself "wow..did we really do all those things to this beauty the other night or was it another wet dream about her?" as he looked at her 36C bra encased breasts filling her t/shirt, and then glued his eyes to her perfect arse as he followed her into the living room.

Diane sat down with Sean opposite her and could feel herself going red through embarrassment as she had known Sean all her life and only a few days before had let him and his mates see and touch every inch of the most intimate parts of her body - inside her body as well as out! Diane wasn't in the best of moods and her normal sweet self having just finished a ten hour night shift and she snapped "So what do you want then, I've just finished work and I want to go to bed?" "Now that's no way to speak to someone who did you a favour and got your brother out of trouble is it?" said Sean "though the bit about bed sounds a good idea to me as we've got some unfinished business to take care of" he added. Diane was one of the few people that didn't dislike Sean as they had grown up together but she sat and looked at this overweight and ugly giant of a man who she could smell from across the room (he hadn't washed in case he lost Diane's body smell from the other night) and just felt pity before changing her tone and saying in her normal voice "I know you did me and Jimmy a favour but didn't I do you a favour and pay you for it the other night?" Sean thought for a moment before replying "no, you did your brother a favour and the little show that you put on just paid for the insurance excess for the damage to the car." The room went quiet for a moment and Sean could feel the butterflies rising in his stomach but he thought he'd better keep talking before he got thrown out "..now as a friend you should do me a favour back now and help me empty my balls and then we can talk about a bit of business which will make us both some money." Diane's head was spinning from all that had happened in the last week and the fact that she was tired after working all night. She looked towards Sean and nodded slowly and wearily whilst mouthing "ok". Diane could see Sean's cock pressing against the material of his trousers as he stood up from the chair whilst Sean thought he was going to shoot his load straight away in his pants. Sean pretended to be a gentleman by holding the door for Diane but this was just his ploy that she would climb the stairs before him whilst he followed her with his face only inches from her wonderful backside.

They entered Diane's bedroom which was well decorated and furnished and for a brief moment Sean dreamed that he and Diane were living here together. Diane went to draw the curtains but Sean stopped her and joked "I want the window curtains and your fanny curtains open so that I can see everything better" whilst pointing towards Diane's clothed crotch. Diane lips raised politely at each end of her mouth and Sean kicked off his shoes and removed his shirt in one move letting his beer belly spill over his waistband. "Well what you waiting for? You don't need an invitation" he barked at Diane. Diane thought for a moment and decided to get a bit of revenge on Sean "Show me your cock first, remember i've never seen it cos I was blindfolded at the Lodge the other night, remember!?" Diane was enjoying this as Sean stammered and told her to shut up. "Come on virgin you've still not had a fanny have you? Show me what you've got." Sean pushed the bedside lamp from the bedside table and whilst Diane knew that Sean would never hurt her she thought it best to be quiet. "Right then" said Sean "here you go" as he pulled his trousers and pants down in one fell swoop. Sean lay back on the bed naked for the first time in Diane's, or any woman's, view and said "there, we're equal now." "I think you've seen a little more of my rude bits than I have yours eh Sean" said Diane. Sean's cock looked quite impressive as, although it wasn't longer than 6" and appeared to be smaller because of his fat belly, it was circumcised and throbbing more erect than any penis Diane had ever seen, even though she's a nurse!

Diane was standing at the end of the bed removing her watch. Her legs were together and Sean got even more excited, if that's possible, as it looked like she was winking at him between her legs as the light passed through them above her trim thighs and between her crotch. Sean stood up and walked towards her with his fierce looking erect cock before him dribbling with precome. He put his arms around her waist and started to kiss her face, Diane realised that he didn't just want sex this morning so she responded and let him put his tongue inside her mouth to explore her most visible hole, for the moment anyway! Sean let his hands wander to Diane's clothed bum but stopped himself as he thought he would come as her soft breasts pushed against him and his very stiff cock pressed against her tummy. A sense of urgency ran through Sean and he whispered to Diane "I've got to get you naked quick, I don't think I can hold on much longer." Diane was so tired that she'd nearly fallen asleep with her arms around Sean's shoulders "ok she said" with her eyes closed as she raised her arms above her body allowing Sean to pull her t/shirt off over her head. Being inexperienced Sean ripped Diane's bra off and breathing heavily whispered "I'll buy you a new one" as he looked but forced himself not to touch his dream woman's swinging tits which were hanging so close to him. Diane undid the button and zip on her jeans and Sean sat on the bed and put his fingers in the waistband drawing her jeans and her white cotton panties down over her female hips and down her legs to her ankles. Sean closed his eyes and mouthed "thankyou god" after glimpsing Diane's hairy triangle at the top of her legs and a bonus to Sean of a yellow stain on her panties. Without Diane noticing he put the panties to his nose and inhaled the beautiful scent of her urine and threw them onto his clothes as a momento.

At last Sean had Diane naked alone and next to him on the bed with their heads on the pillow. "I'm sorry I teased you earlier about being a virgin and never shagged a fanny. What do you want me to do?" asked Diane. Sean had realised the other night at the Lodge that he was the same as the younger lads who'd been at the Lodge as besides looking at Porn Magazines he didn't really know anything about the female body. "I want us to have oral sex in the 69 position until I come please" said Sean pleadingly like a kid "but I also need you to tell me about your ins and outs please." Diane, for some reason, started to feel sorry for Sean and said "Ok Sean I'll do it, I'll give you a female anatomy lesson and then I'll suck you off." "What about after I've come?"asked Sean selfishly. Diane was a bit grouchy now and she said "Look Sean I've been awake since 12 o'clock yesterday I'm absolutely shattered, I will probably fall straight asleep after I've done you. I tell you what if I do fall asleep you can do what you like to me whilst i'm asleep as long as it doesn't hurt and you don't wake me up! You have my full permission!" Sean thought he had died and gone to heaven.

"Are you going on top?" asked Diane, "thought not" she snapped as there was no reply. Even after all that had happened at the Lodge Diane still felt embarrassed and humiliated by the fact that she would be opening up her body again for Sean's attentions as although she didn't dislike him he was someone that she knew very well and by no means fancied. Diane took deep breaths as she moved down the bed on her hands and knees so that she was looking at Sean's cock. All the time Sean was squeezing and mauling at her breasts and had now found her nipples which he was tweeking between his thumb and fingers. Although she had agreed to do it, Diane's eyes filled with tears, though not crying, as she first put her hand on the opposite side of Sean's Body and then opened and cocked her leg like a dog so that she had her knees on the either side of Sean's head.

Sean now knew he was in heaven! Sean had always been a bum man and here he was with the girl he fancied most in the world with her bum about two inches from his face. Diane sat up for a moment to get her bearings which made Sean's nose disappear into her dark bum crack "oops sorry" said Diane and Sean could only stutter an incomprehensible answer.

Diane leant forward and briefly took Sean's uncircumcised length into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on it in a gentle fucking motion. All the time Sean's eyes just leered up her bum drinking in the view. Sean's gaze was broken when Diane said "Right then Sean do you not want to do anything to my fanny or what?" Sean quickly wrestled his arms so that his hands were at Diane's fanny lips, "Come on you said you wanted my fanny curtains open lets get it over with I need to sleep." Very slowly Sean pulled Diane's cunt lips open and her closed vaginal hole inside was before him. "Right Sean, if you look at the top of my fanny can you see a little bud? Yes? That's my clitoris" Sean was starting to feel that a whole new world was opening up to him, as well as Diane's hole, and he moved his head to tickle Diane's clitoris which had just been revealed to him. "That's enough of that for now" said Diane. "If you very gently push a finger into me my hole will open up for you and you can have a look inside me." Sean very gently did this followed by another finger from his other hand and pulled Diane's pink wet cunt hole gently open. "I don't know how deep you've got me open or if the light's good enough" said Diane "but you might be able to see the entrance to my womb!? If we keep this up you'll have gone from having never really seen a fanny to a fully qualified gynaocologist in the space of a morning!" joked Diane. Having completed her brief female anatomy lesson for Sean Diane put his cock back into her mouth and let him fuck it for a while whilst Sean licked his tongue deep inside her cunt hole. It didn't take long when Diane started to run her tongue down Sean's cock slit for him to start feeling his come rising. Momentarily he stopped licking at Diane's cunt and suddenly spurted his two days wad of saved come into her mouth.

The two naked sweating bodies lay still and silent for a few moments with Diane's legs on either side of Sean's head and Diane's head was in his lap next to his softening cock with a small blob of sperm spilling from her mouth. Sean even left Diane's vagina alone whilst he savoured what he'd just done to his favourite woman. Sean just lay and watched as Diane's elastic vaginal lips slowly moved back to shape and he could see globules of sweat on her bum cheeks as the light shone between them like a valley. "Did you come then D?" asked Sean just making conversation and not really caring if she did or not. There was no answer and Sean's face lit up as he realised that she'd dropped off into a deep sleep and she had given him permission to do what he wanted to her if she fell asleep.

Sean slowly and gently moved Diane off him and looked at her gorgeous nude body wishing that now would last forever. Whilst thinking what to do to her he kneeded her breasts.

Half an hour passed with Sean just sitting and playing, moulding Diane's breast and occasionally putting his cock between them and wanking into them getting himself hard again. Sean realised he'd better make use the time so he climbed gently off the bed and slowly turned Diane onto her front. In Sean's mind he was there with his favourite woman and his favourite part of a woman's body is her bum so he thought "I've got to play with that arse before the end."

Sean pulled Diane's legs so they were at the bottom of the bed and then he gently lifted Diane's body so that he'd positioned a number of cushions under her tummy leaving her bum raised in the air. Diane murmered as she was being moved but was that tired she carried on sleeping. Sean gently in turn pulled her legs open and then her bum cheeks open and there it was again that beautiful anus that he'd fucked at the Lodge. Sean felt compelled to smell Diane's vulnerable cunt as he'd heard his mates on about doing it to other women, and the female hormones in her vaginal juices made his cock stand to attention straight away. Sean quickly licked at the cunt hole which had a texture like a warm piece of meat and a scent and taste to die for. Sean had heard some of his mates laughing about the women they were with and saying that they wouldn't lick their arse holes because of the smell and it would take someone special for them to do it to. Diane's back passage was available to Sean so he thought "she is special i've got to do it" and bent his nose to her intimate anal opening. The scent wasn't bad and Sean reasoned that even the beautiful naked woman in front of him had bodily functions which she needed to carry out, and that was her anus' prime function not just for him to fuck! Sean spat onto Diane's ring piece and slowly licked all around the rim before inserting a finger knuckle deep followed by his tongue which he used to "french kiss" the girl's bum hole. "Are you enjoying that?" asked the now woken up Diane as she looked down at Sean whose face was buried tonguing deep inside the hole which had been a taboo part of her body a week before.

Sean finished with his mouth and Diane didn't need to touch him to make him come again which Sean worked his spunk via his fingers up and into Diane's bum hole.

"You said something about business?" asked Diane.

Now that's another story!

(I'll hopefully post the next part later in the week but let me know what yo think via the cafe in the Forum)

Cheers for now,