Written by P

6 Oct 2005

I knew my GF who is 23, model material and size 8, always quite fancied a pal of mine and he was always up for it. The three of us were in the pub on a friday night enjoying a few beers. After closing time we left my pal and jumped in a taxi home at which point the GF was telling me my mate was asking what she had been doing on webcam.

She had let him in to all the fun we had been upto, he was loving this and said he would love to watch. She said as a tease she had told him she would love him to watch!

Horny little minx had got me turned on with her teasing tactics....

After being back at home for ten mins there was a knock on the door, who was at the door at midnight? My mate!!

Tells me he is taking the GF up on the offer of watching her on cam!!! LOL She looks shocked and says she meant him to be watching from another PC!!

This calls for a bottle of wine and the PC to be hooked up to webcam, the GF is not looking as confident as she was when she was in the taxi telling me of the invite to watch. I couldnt believe how nervous I was as I connected on to the net, the tension in the room you could cut with a knife. The PC eventually after what seemed like an eternity logged onto the webcam site, the cam clicked on and our picture came up on screen. The chatroom had the usual begging that the GF thrived on which normally got her so horny and wet, all the attention was there, but there was the twist in the situation my mate! This was fun in a really weird way so much tension. I could tell she was really nervous just sitting there in her tight jeans and vest top not showing, nothing was being said but you knew what every one was thinking.

I started reading all the comments from the chat room how they would like her to stand and see some more of her fine ass. My mate couldnt agree enough, I could only watch her on the screen on the PC as she stood nervously in front of the cam, slowly lifting her vest showing a bit of her toned flat stomach. The chat room went mad, the tension in our room was unbearable. I panned the cam round the room so every one watching could see that she had 2 friends with her. This had the desired effect bringing more compliments and more requests, I could see she was getting aroused by the attention and situation as she started to lift her top and slowly show her gorgeous bra enclosed tits to the cam, my mate couldnt keep his eyes of them or the PC screen and all the comments.

All the chat was requesting her to get her top off and show her thong, the top came off with a resigned look but she also had a glint in her eye. Five mins of teasing in her Bra and I knew she would be showing her fine ass in her thong,where would this lead and how would it end?

The tension in our room was palapable, babes we would love to see your thong, she glared at me with that glint in her eye again then as she looked at my mate he just grinned and nodded and chat room was going mad saying how great her tits were looking and how they wanted to see her thong. I could see she was now loving this, as she bent slightly undid the button on her jeans and slid them down an inch showing the top of her thong at the back, not to much flesh showing but just enough. I reached forward and panned the cam round the room as I did this the chat room conversation was just us and then I saw my mate on the screen he had his jeans down and was slowly wanking. The GF was mesmerised and lost for words, I asked her to carry on as it was just getting interesting and we needed to some more of her thong. I dont think she could believe the site before her, a screen full of people gagging to see more of her and two blokes sat there with their cocks out wanking what a minx!

She was in tease heaven, lowering her jeans an inch and up again and then down two inches, just enough but not nearly enough! I was concentrating on the cam and chat room but every time I looked up I caught her gazing at my mate and his cock what a little slut!

She was looking really hot now and her jeans were getting lower and lower as if she was almost hpnotised by the sight of the two rock hard cocks before her and the effect she was having on them. I loved the picture on the screen as she slowly peeled her jeans down and her sweet peachy arse came on the screen, the little v at the top of her thighs appeared on screen with her tight little black thong stretched up between her cheeks and my mind was rushing knowing my mate was sat within inches viewing the same sight and wanking. The only noise in the room was the groaning of my pal and the sexual tension you could almost smell. She was now bending over and showing the thong stretched up through her tight little cheeks sliding her fingers over the stretched material pushing it between her big fat engorged lips and looking at my mates cock the whole time she could be a lap dancer it was that good, the buzz was unbelievable I was so hard. Out of the blue she pulls her jeans up and says the show is over!! NO!

I handed the cam over to my mate and said take over, stood up with my pants round my ankles cock rock hard and took her in my arms. Babes that was outsanding horniest thing ever and started to kiss her, the response was electric the kiss so deep hot and true and as her hand strayed to my rock hard cock and she slowly started wanking me I knew she wanted more. As I kissed and nuzzled her neck I could see my pal had the cam in one hand trained up close watching my hand stroking her arse and his cock in the other. I was trying so hard not to cum as she was wanking my cock so I slid my hand down to her jeans buttons and slowly undid them she groaned and pushed herself up against me this was mind blowing. There was no resistence as i pulled her zip down and started to push her jeans down, so easy past her arse down to her thighs mmmmmm her kisses become more urgent how hot was she?

THe jeans were at her knees and everything stopped as she said are you sure about this?

My rock hard cock was in her hand and I my hand was on the front of her thong which was hot and very wet, I am sure what about you? as i slowly pulled her thong to one side and slid my finger through her slick juices to find her fat engorged clit. Her head fell forward and she started to kiss my neck and she sort of groaned yes, as i pulled her jeans down to her ankles and got them off in one move.

The kissing started again and my hands were all over her hot little body the bra came off in one easy move. My head was spinning the buzz was unbelievable as i bent down to kiss and suck one of her rock hard nipples my friend had come over and started to massage her tits and then started to kiss her I slid her thong off wow she was soaking her juices were running down her thighs then i realised I wasnt the only one with my fingers in that hot little box.

We were taking turns kissing her and sucking on her rock hard nipples and she had a cock in each hand what s sight all the time with two or three fingers slipping in and out of her sopping cunt. This seemed to last a life time until she said quick i need you to fuck meas she bent over in front of us she ordered my friend to get the cam and show the entry. In a shot he duly complied and sat with cock in hand stroking her arse, pull her cheeks apart and make sure she is wet enough. I watched as he slid his hand down between her cheeks and slowly slipped a finger in and then two, he grinned and nodded said she was ready. I slowly pushed in as he nipped round the fornt kissing her as I slowly fucked her this was like a dream. I could tell u i went on for half an hour but the reality was I lasted about two mins and filled her up.

She flopped onto a chair and was sitting there with her nipples rock hard and her legs spread so you could clearly see all my spunk seeping out as she rubbed her huge swollen clit, heavenly sight at which point she stated I need to cum looking me right in the eye. I was rock hard and stroking and just smiled as my pal dived on the floor grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs up to get direct access to her wet soaking sloppy pussy. His head was straight down there and his tongue straight in lapping up all those juices, her head fell back and she started groaning as he licked and sucked on that well fucked little pussy. She looked up and said you know I am full of his spunk he didnt even stop for a breath and said yeah you taste great I approached and asked if she would like to suck my cock she murmered a yes and opened her mouth to take my willing member