Written by bibbw

20 Jan 2007

it was my birthday a few months ago so 4 of us decided to get away for the weekend and booked into a spa for the weekend. My 3 friends and I had a great day being massaged and pampered, then after dinner retired to our rooms with a few bottles of wine.

As usual the conversation turned to sex....we had all seen each other naked many times and Jo commented on how attractive she thought my shaven pussy looked as her's had dangly lips ...Carol said she would love to try the bald look but didn't think her husband would like it, we all told her she should do it as a surprise for him as most men loved shaved snatch

after a few more drinks Linda dissappeared into the bathroom and reappeard with a new razor and a bowl of water....come on girls ....get her spread open and lets do the job. Carol looked horrified, but with lots of giggling and play fighting she finally submited as we pinned her to the bed and removed her panties, spreading her legs wide. She pretended to be scared but her laughter was very real.....Linda lathered her pussy up with the soap and was soon weilding the razer like an expert...carol was enjoying the sensations of her hands on her pussy that was for sure...

by now we were all really randy, and had stripped each other off....as we held carols legs wide open linda said she needed to make sure she hadn't missed any stray hairs and was soon running her tongue along carols cute shaven slit....her clit was sticking out so much it looked like a little cock....Linda sucked it like an expert...she was on her knees with her bum in the air so I slid my hand between her legs and felt how wet her pussy was....Jo was sitting watching, her had between her legs as she rubbed her own clit.....suddenly she groaned and said she needed a fuck....and reached for an empty wine bottle....we all watched as she slid the neck of the bottle into her own cunt ...it was so horny....before long we were all fucking ourselves with bottles....hair brushes...anything we could find that would fit into our hungry wet pussies...

I remember Jo sitting on my face at one point as she fucked me with my hairbrush...I lapped at her juices as she cum...Carol loved it as all 3 of us fingered her at once and Linda managed to take the thick end of a wine bottle up her cunt ....after which I fisted her as I sucked her amazing tits

not bad for our first night.........we had even more fun with the guys from the golf club the following night - but thats another story ;)