Written by lisa

19 May 2006

my girlfriend and i got invited to our first all girls swinging party in warrington last week end. we have been together for some time but wanted some fun she is 31 good figure small, lovely tits, me i am 33 size 12 and 36 b tits. Not knowing what to do we dressed smart but casual, clothes that could come off easily if the mood took us. when we arrived at a very smart detached house the atmosphere was electric, about 12 girls talking, music drink etc just lke any normal party. we started to mingle and i was attracted to a lady called mandy tall very elegant about size 10 and virtually no tits. karen my friend had also spotted a group and quickly joined in. The night went on more drink loosening the atmosphere, slowly couples started to drift up stairs to the bedrooms, after s while i noticed karem wasnot downstairs so i went looking for her and found her after my 4 bedroom. there she was naked with two gorgeous tanned girls her tongue deep inside one of there shaven pussies while the other girls was giving karen's pussy a good time with an enormous strap-on dildo She was in heaven and did not even notice me. " your friend" said a voice behind me, i turned and it was mandy wearing an huge black double ended dildo between her slim legs.within seconds she had my legs apart and my wet pussy was being probed by her. it was the best orgasam i had for a long time, she kept uo a steady rythm until she also was cumming. Then she eased the dildo out of me and started sucking it, i did the same tasting her sweet juices. Before the night ended i made love to two other girls both sweet young lessies, one of them was like me, first time at a party and i was only her second lover. She had such a beutiful smile on her face as she came all over my tongue.

karen and i eventually left about 3 am both of us happy with the taste of new friends on our lips. we talked and karen said she spent all the time with the two girls and said she saw me watching her cum with them. we went home and sucked and licked each other pussies till we dropped of asleep. next morning in the bathroom my thighs and face we covered in dry cum from last night. now we done it once we hope to go back, not all couples who swing are hetro, us "girls" also have needs that need satisfying. As i type this i am thinking should i try something really new next time, a mans cock up my pussy !!! that would be a new experience. anyone out there wanting to take away my virginity be in the memphis belle pub9 near gemini)at 12.30 saturday lunchtime 27 may I will be dressed all in blue with long fair hair, but will my pussy be waiting for you ? who knows