Written by stevo

24 Nov 2006

my wife and i regularly fantasize about inviting another person to share our fantastic sex life and last year it became reality and boy was it worth waiting for.

michelle my wife went to her works xmas party in dec 04 and came home as horny as hell demanding my 8 incher immediately up her moist hole. She explained that the reason for her dampness was that her best friend at work yvonne and her had been winding the young lads up with a bit of dirty dancing that ended up with a long snog including a bit of tongue action.Icould only imagine how those lads felt seeing these two fit forty something in action on the dance floor it certainly did the trick for me.

The next week during their dinner break michelle told yvonne about the fucking she got when she got home only to hear yvonne complain that she had not had any cock action for over 8 months and said she deserved some credit for our steamy bonk.michelle agreed and told her to come round for a drink that evening.at about seven o`clock michelle told me to pop down the local for a pint or two telling me not to be home until 8 and that when i did get in to just go with the flow.

i got home as instructed dead on 8 and heard michelle shout were in here as i entered the living room i saw michelle sitting with her legs apart in the chair and yvonne in stockings and suspenders licking her pussy, her pert arse looked fantastic.

yvonne needs a good seeing to darling, my cock was already rock hard as the two girls got up and began to kiss their hands were everywhere. no sooner was i undressed than yvonne was kneeling in front of me taking my cock fully into her mouth, michelle came behind me and whispered in my ear i want you to make her come and fill her with your spunk and then watch me lick it all up.

yvonne layed on the floor opening her legs wide my cock was eager to enter her shaven pussy and feel those stockings on my shoulders. yvonne groaned as my prick entered her as i slowly banged her lovely fanny it wasnt long before she came and i soon followed. michelle told yvonne to sit in the chair and as my spunk slowly dribbled out of her michelle lapped up every last drop, she continued to make yvonne come with her tongue and then told me to put my hard agin cock up her arse. I came within minutes and just when i thought it could not get any better watched yvonne rim my wifes arse that was dripping with my come.

we have enjoyed many pleasurable nights since and even more since yvonnes new boyfriend has joined in the fun but that is for another time.