Written by Bob

23 Jun 2004

I had been sitting in the living room watching tv, when i

felt the call of nature,so up i got and off to the loo i

went.As i went to the bottom of the stairs i heard a great

deal of giggling and whispering coming from the kitchen

where my wife Fiona was sat at the table chatting with

three friends, one of them being Mary Smith our neighbour.

Mary is somewhat older than our usual social circle, but she's

our next door neighbour and Fiona likes her, Mary's an attractive

if slightly plump red head of about 55, Whilst my Fiona

at 32 is a brunette, rather pretty, with a nice pair of

boobs and a rather fat arse (she'd kill me for saying so

but i do like it).Anyway i stood at the foot of the stairs

and tried to listen, i soon realised the ladies where discussing

cocks, big cocks, or more specifically the big cock of Arthur Smith

husband of Mary, now i am no fan of this rather annoying

Arthur a man of 60 who is forever offering advice and help,

i probally dislike him because he always seems to be right.

However i listened as Mary bemoaned having to take the 'big

penis' nearly every night, and i heard Fiona say 'how big is it?'

And then gasp as Mary commented 'like that banana but thicker'

Afterwards i saw the banana to which she referred, a big

ripe specimen of about 8 inches.

Now none of this would make any difference, except Fiona

often lets Arthur in during the day when his wife is at

her mothers and i am at work (Arthur is retired). How could

a man reported as being so randy possibly not be interested

in my buxom lady? And i began to wonder if Fiona might be

fascinated by the thought of a big cock.

Would this old codger be able to seduce my wife? The answer

is yes he would, and that with his wifes knowledge he would

have my darling wife spreading her legs for him and even

spreading her cheeks for him.

More to come.