Written by Judy

21 Jan 2007

AS one reads most of these stories (and they are really hot) I find that most of them are from a guys point of view. AND I want to share my experiences with everyone.

I know that from what i read it is said that most (if not all) guys want to watch their mates being fucked by one or more guys.

Well I can say from experience that I want my husband of 15 years to watch me get fucked and I made it happen right before Christmas. I think that most good looking women (and I am about 5'6" and a great body with 36B tits) want to show off their bodies. AND as most research shows women are at their sexual peak at around 35 to 42 year old. AND given that I am 36 I want sex every day or even more if I can get it. My husband is completely satisfied with once or twice a week so yes there is a problem here.

I like to show off my body, love to dance and really love to fuck so I needed more than my husband was giving me. I also thought a lot about surprising my husband by bringing a good looking stud home with me one night and show my husband how much I enjoy sex. I know that we have fantasized about it several times but nothing happened and it was always from my husbands point of view of watching me get fucked.

While that is a real turn on I want to take the lead here and make it happen so I knew a really good looking, well hung friend that I had had sex with several times and knew he was willing to do anything I wanted as long as he got to fuck me. He was about 2 inches longer than my husband and certainly a lot thicker which made this affair even hotter.

I went out one night while my husband watched a football game on TV and I told him I wanted to bring him a surprise when I came home. He nodded and said sure.

I went to a local club and had arranged for Tom to meet me for a great night that he would remember for a long time.

We danced, drank, danced etc and about midnight we headed to my house where my husband was still up but asleep on the couch. We didn't make any noise when we came in and went to the kitchen for a few more drinks. I excused myself and went upstairs to get into something much more comfortable and certainly more sexy. I came down and my friend was in the kitchen door waiting for me while my husband was still asleep. it wasn't long before the two of us were all over each other with kisses and hands as my husband was just waking up. He asked how long I had been home and I just said that WE had been here only 15 or so minutes. WE he asked??? He opened his eyes and I introduced him to my friend who by now had a giant hard on and was sitting with my legs across his lap hidding his dick.

My husband asked what we were doing and with that I just leaned over and gave Tom a big kiss and told him that Tom had come home with me and that I had planned to fuck him IF that was ok with him. With that he sat straight up and looked at both of us and asked if they thought it would be ok for him to watch. Well given that was the plan all along we just nodded and started to undress while kissing each other all over. Tom took my tits in his hands and started to rub them with special emphasis on the nipples which were rock hard by now.

I slid off the couch and took Tom's 8 inches in my mouth while holding his big balls in each hand. I sucked for a few minutes as Tom held my head and pulled me to meet his dick with every thrust.

I looked over at my husband and he had taken out his dick and was stroking it as his eyes were fixed on the pleasure I was having with Tom. It wasn't long before I had tom's clothes off and we were on the floor with Tom on top of me giving me a great fuck as his balls banged against my ass and my husband was cheering me on to fuck harder. Tom certainly was into it and drove his dick in far enough to fill every part of my cunt. With a big push Tom shot his load deep inside my full cunt as we both collapsed in a pile on the floor.

I looked over at my husband and he winked at me and asked if he could have seconds. OF course but first he had to eat my cum filled cunt and in a flash he was deep in my cunt licking our mixture of cum. His dick was hard by now and I invited him to get behind me and fuck my as hard as he could thinking about the show I had given him.

WOW what a good fuck by both of my men that night.

I told him that I would surprise him more if he liked it this much.

SO ladies you too can make it happen IF you have the courage to follow through with your dreams. (DO IT!!!!)