Written by IVAN

6 Sep 2006

I have posted several stories on SH, one true (Surprise in the Shower,) one more or less true, the other, wishful thinking. This is a true one.

After the incident where Mary had, out of the blue, joined me in the shower, there were some weeks of earnest discussion between the four of us, my wife Carol and our friends Ted and Mary. I had been expecting some almighty rows but it was quite the opposite. Whilst Carol and Ted did not wish to screw each other they were happy for Mary and I to carry on, provided that we were totally open with our respective spouses, particularly if we described our sessions to them afterwards. Sleepovers were organised for the children and Mary and I would meet regularly in each other’s houses and fuck our brains out. Home life was even better as Carol became very excited when I related our exploits.

Ted had a contact for adult movies (no DVD’s in those days) and occasionally we would all meet to watch one, this was in the wintertime so there would always be a blazing fire and plenty of drink would flow. Anyway as we got warmed up by fire and film Mary and I would start to get closer (Carol and Ted always left the sofa to us) but as soon as Mary got my cock out Ted and Carol would decide that it was time to take the dog for his evening walk and leave us to it. Thinking back I believe that both Mary and I wanted to be watched but however long we tried to hang on Carol and Ted always returned just after we got dressed.

Anyway that is the background to this posting. Both families had young children so we decided to plan a holiday to France, part country gite and part seaside villa. We booked a gite near Poitiers and the villa near Seignosse on the Atlantic coast.

The weather was scorching and we spent most of the time at the gite wearing next to nothing, sometimes nothing at all. We fell into the naturist style easily; the children did not seem to mind but did keep their clothes on. Because of the children it was turning into a very enjoyable but innocent family holiday.

One day was particularly hot but it was clear that a storm was brewing. It was our custom to dress properly for the evening’s drinking but this day was so hot that after showering I dressed only in a small pair of running shorts and tee shirt, Ted similarly attired. Carol was wearing a thin Indian black cotton dress that was more or less see through with only a small pair of black panties underneath, no bra. Mary was always last to appear after dinner and the rest of us started to get stuck into the wine. The children had been put to bed and were fast asleep.

We must have had a few glasses very quickly because Carol decided that it would be a good idea if I lost my shorts and although I struggled, not very hard, off they came, pants and all. This began to arouse me so I tried to hide my growing erection with my hands but Carol kept trying to grab hold of my cock, Ted meanwhile giggling to himself but failing to hide his own growing problem. It occurred to me that this could turn into a very naughty evening so catching Carol’s eye I invited her into the kitchen. I asked her straight if she wanted to shag Ted, as I would not mind. No, she did not but was happy to see what the evening bought. I thought that I had better go and sound out Mary so, wrapping a small towel around my waist I went upstairs and knocked on her door. On entering I found her still in her bathrobe, putting the finishing touch to her make up. Feeling a bit nervous I briefly explained what had been happening and told that a naughty evening was in prospect, if she was up for it. Not waiting for a reply I returned to the sitting room, still wearing my towel.

I was standing at the open French doors watching the lightning when Mary appeared five minuets later. Wearing a very short thin white cotton dress and little else she was obviously in a sporting mood, even husband Ted stared. I guessed that she had bought the dress especially for the holiday and he had never seen it. Anyway as she sat down next to Carol I moved to get her a glass and refill the others forgetting that my towel was not very well secured. It fell to the floor. Starting to blush I made to pick it up but thought ‘Sod it’ and continued to pick up the wine bottle. So there I was stark naked pouring wine. As I filled Mary’s glass she stared me directly in the eye, before dropping her gaze to my not quite dormant cock. The atmosphere was charged but suddenly calmed as I sat down and we began to discuss what we would do tomorrow. Perhaps the moment had passed and my erection completed subsided. A few more glasses were consumed with me feeling faintly ridiculous wandering around with nothing on. However as I once again sat down Mary moved her hand so that it was resting gently on my cock. This was all that was needed to start it rising again, her skirt had ridden up so that her blonde bush was partially exposed and I began to slowly stroke the hairs with the back of my hand. Ted and Carol seemed to be ignoring us but glancing over I could see that something was again stirring in Ted’s shorts. By now my prick was responding rapidly to Mary’s touch and I moved my fingers down towards her slit, she was clearly getting pretty wet. Carol was totally passive with all this activity going on around her.

Feeling that this was all going to end too quickly I moved to refill the glasses, now quite unconcerned that my prick was swaying in font of me as I poured the wine. When I reached Mary she leaned forward and took the end of my knob in her mouth and started to run her tongue around it. I reached into the front of her dress and started to fondle her tits, slowly rocking her head back and forth. I heard Carol tell Ted that it was OK if he wanted to wank. I withdrew from Mary’s mouth and said that I thought it unfair that everyone else was still dressed and that as Ted seemed to be having trouble keeping things in his shorts that he should lose them as well. At that Mary got up and with Carol’s enthusiastic help managed to remove them.

Ted continued to giggle like an idiot. By this time I had resumed my seat, wondering what would happen next, it seemed very strange, two blokes sitting there with cocks pointing to the ceiling, with two, more or less dressed, women. Nobody seemed to want to take the initiative. Once again it looked as if the moment would pass. Coyly Ted shuffled over to the wine table, trying to hide his erection but, realising that he would have to reveal all once he had picked up the bottle, gave a little shrug and abandoned the attempt at modesty. He went first to Carol, who lowered her eyes to stare at his knees. Taking Mary’s glass he started to fill it when she reached out and began to stroke his length very slowly and gently. With her other hand she took hold of me and began to stroke rather more vigorously. Knowing that I would not survive much of that I removed her hand and turned her face to give her a long deep kiss. Carol was taking no part but I had noticed that her thighs were apart and she was running her fingers up and down the inside of her thighs.

Mary ordered Ted to lie on the floor whereupon she knelt between his legs and began to run her tongue up and down his prick. Feeling bold I knelt behind her and gently probed her cunt with my fingers; she was very, very wet. Reaching behind Mary took hold of my cock and pulled me towards her. I looked up at Carol, who at some point had removed her dress and was fingering herself through her soaking wet panties. Carol gave a slight nod so I pushed forward and entered Mary. Her pussy was so wet that it was dripping onto the carpet. This could not go on for long. Mary now had Ted’s cock fully in her mouth and it was clear that he was also on the point of coming. Mary resumed long stokes with her hand, Ted groaned and spattered his spunk all over her face and tits. This was too much for me and I shot my load into her glistening cunt.

We all stopped for breath, I don’t think anyone knew what to say. Shortly afterwards we each went to our own rooms where Carol and I had the most abandoned fuck we had ever had.

I’ll write again about the second part of our holiday at the seaside.